Won the Grand Prix in the G1 餃 throne Beach taro dumplings


2012September 29.、30On the Hamamatsu dumplings held Festival 2012 eventsG1 餃 Championship gameAt the dumpling shop in Hamamatsu "Taro Beach" but was exhibited at the、"YUI fishing port landing fresh shrimp dumpling" fine it was suppose to the throne。The gyoza-making machine is used in shops here、Dumpling skins slip onto the device and、Timely fall inside Jam (Jig)、Skin is wrapped in the press、In the hands of about 200 pieces in an hour of work it is.、The gyoza-making machine of the East Asia Institute (Kita-ku, Hamamatsu)、In the largest creature that can make 10000。"You should be fine eating dumplings wrapped around the machine out。"And as President of 請井 positive talk、Dumpling manufacture machine it boasts market share (market share) in 6 percent of what。


Dumpling GYOZA BAR has become topical in Paris, France and was recently broadcast TV。Michelin chef cooks and food officials devised a dumpling shop、The ingredients of dumplings、Stocked in a butcher shop on Paris's "Hugo denoisie" with high-quality pork shoulder roast the vegetables using only poironegui。Click here also、Has been using the gyoza-making machine of the East Asia Institute、1Day's great success Buri that sells more than 3,000。I thought surely I want to eat dumplings like gyoza-making machine using、Was comparatively near from my home is the first online!


Speaking of dumplings and draft beer 480 Yen beer!


Baked dumpling Red 6 280 Yen

There's red and white、Red garlic with。White's and collagen。Without hesitation, I ordered the garlic into the Red。Beach taro dumplings、Raw dumpling factory direct sales with 100% domestically produced materials。In the factory outlet、Using the first domestic swine、Domestic use is 100% vegetable。Sauce than chili oil is all homemade shop stocking。Wheat flour is used jointly developed with homemade crust。Please accept my personal thoughts and、Skin is lighter for our favorite couple?、I feel a little thick skin。Also I dust I think and if you have the feeling of thick skin even better、Less than the amount of water、Skin、Together Tane、I have become concerned about texture and Passat。The combustion person is change flavors is hopeless、He grilled hand of the day、Staff on going in I was scolded (sweat)


"Fragrant Basil dumplings 5 ' 280 Yen

With its domestic、Aromatic Basil dumplings。On the same red dumpling with subtle。Under the scorcher、The skin is feeling the lack of fire。Dumplings with shiso leaf love only to regret, not。


Spicy cod roe Mayo fried gyoza 5 380 Yen

The combination of crispy a crispy fried dumplings with spicy cod roe Mayo。Fried thick skin because the texture is better.。Just、So just took with mentaiko sauce and mayonnaise sauce fried dumplings、Balance and the seed is perfect。That is a nice twist again and I am happy。Whether or not eat fresh shrimp dumpling for YUI fishing port landing won the Grand Prix at the G1 dumpling Championship、But、I was wondering if dumplings shop which Grand-Prix winner of。Long-awaited、It is made to put out the same taste in precise machinery from、Staff become baked hand it is、Is a little want to master how to bake。It was a disappointing result, I expect only shops are thriving。

Taro Beach
5-2-1 Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-545-7136
Hours of operation:11:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

5-2-1 Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi


  1. Taro restaurant

    I, rose between the opening and
    2Once visited red white and ate.。
    Owner's or I was hype
    It is quite expected that
    No on seems to like tasty dumplings.。
    Looking at shops crowded Buri was that after a few years.
    Changes in taste or interest.。

    But there is a store called Okada for the gyoza was opened last year in the spring
    Where the dumplings were delicious.。Meat of Colo Colo、Felt the sweetness of the vegetables
    Good bean texture。Student: 1,000 yen to 40 freezer 50 1000 yen and
    Is a fire-sale price。If if still try it if not we recommend。

    1. lade

      Taro restaurant、Thanks for your comment!

      Private beach Taro's of dumplings、And it wasn't like dumplings in only、Tell you leave。
      Dumplings also calls for each person are different right? ^ ^
      Seeking delicious dumplings、But will things go、
      After all the、Bake in your own dumplings is the strongest or the (lol)
      "Okada" Facebook of dumplings、I haven't tried it yet because I want to go!
      Thank you for the information!


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