77Loving old dad produced a Japanese "味沢 restaurant"


And turn left at the intersection down the Sumiyoshi Kaido, a Denny's milestone、Just short of the variational difference so far off down the Hill to AUTOBACS yellow feeling standing alone on the left hand-written signs landmark Japanese restaurant "dining room 味沢' I。Shop celebrates its 37th anniversary this year。MOM and dad is the owner here, personality is love and affection with plenty of food is really delicious、Many regulars Jazz tearoom frequently、Shop know everyone loved!


That is usually either during the week or weekend's 味沢、Thanks to arrived late which had seemed。Shop、10 counter seats and slightly raised back parlor 1 Room 4-6 more small shops、Because the front of the kitchen close to the sense of distance and the shopkeeper's father、Being up in chatting with regulars, together、It is such a nice store。Menu written and the day is recommended for white boards under the TV。Or just stocked fresh fish sashimi、Grilled fish or fried、The tempura with variations in different、Is rich in meats。There is also menu of your thumb so many traps filled with liquor while Dad。People who only eat、It is recommended that the set!


"Delicious 000 today!-!" and、Recommended hear dad is the best though!


Through your 'pumpkin stew' in the appetizer one is 2、Often preceded by 3 more。Sweet cheeks! lump stew would be pleased。


If there is a rice and miso soup to the appetizer "small horse mackerel tempura" appetizer is like another set meal (laughs)


"Deep-fried meal of southern chicken" 900 yen

In order beforehand.、Will fried is dry and pleasant, as the overflowing juicy gravy。Cabbage is a dish someone shredded each dish orders into the。Ticks of the knife is also small.


"Offshore deep water herring fly" 550 yen

Fresh fresh 漁re a kiss crunchy holded in plump gemcutter to State。Really Dad's fire compartment is great!


Of set meal "rice"

"I'll have a lot、Eat a lot and I ~ ♪ "and、Always takes a gentle MOM's voice.


Table d'hote "miso-soup with radish、Laminated miso fried。Nice with Aziz.


Of set meal "pickles" Chinese cabbage


"Homemade pickled ginger"

味沢 dad、Homemade is best。And、Every year is a homemade pickled or marinated ginger。Pickled ginger thoroughly soaked in plum flavor、呑memasu it (laughs)


"Abalone of butter."

Here is、Try to eat little。And my dad helped me out。Served with sashimi and even recommended texture of abalone、Butter and very soft and it is delicious!


While talk time while Dad is in food and drink。味沢 dad is his 77 years、Last year finally as husband and wife, that was converted into smart phones、Work was fine! So a (terrible)、Immediately、Dad has been watching WEB Magazine lade (laughs)、MOM's been properly? Thank you to delicious food。I will come again!

Meals processing Ajisawa
Hamamatsu City, Eastern jade Nishimachi 2417-9 TEL:053-472-6296
Hours of operation:17:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday、Wednesday

Hamamatsu City, Eastern jade Nishimachi 2417-9

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