"Kamakura Koko-ko", an elegant Japanese breakfast with a view of the Japanese garden where you can enjoy the flowers of the four seasons

*This is the information that stayed in March 2020.。

Kamakura's Old Private House HotelKamakura Kome hotel Kamakura COCONA quiet morning in、A refreshing awakening is greeted with a pleasant singing voice!

Open the window of the semi-open-air bath in the guest room、Bathing time while looking at the trees in the garden!
Warm up from the core of your body with a delicate bubbling microbubble bath、The skin is fresh, moisturized and glossy!

"Burdock tea" roasted after bathing moisturizes thirst、Deliciousness that soaks into the body!

2The view from the floor window gives peace and healing to the heart!

Filled the green nature of the mountains around the garden、Spacious garden as well、Mochino木 and Japanese black pine、Tsuge、Cypress、Surrounded by pomegranate、For the show vary depending on seasonal flowers、Because there is a luxurious space where you can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons with Nishikigoi swimming in the pond、Dressed in yukata、Let's enjoy a morning walk for a while!

It's worth a walk.、When I started to feel hungry、Breakfast time will be welcomed!

Breakfast is、To choose a room meal or a private room meal、This time, I asked for a private room meal where you can enjoy the courtyard!
A relaxing breakfast time while keeping the garden to yourself in a private room is a blissful time!

The osubori prepared has the healing scent of "Hino-no-Ying"、Take a break with the warm "healthy tea" developed as an original blend!

"Health Tea"

Health tea developed through repeated improvements、5000000000000、Brown rice、枇 is blended with the leaves of the 韨、Healed by fragrant fragrance、With a friendly taste、It will be full of body pleasure!

Breakfast is served in the color rich nutrition plenty of、Several side dishes that go well with freshly cooked rice cooked in a kettle are lined up in a well-balanced way with Yamagata prefecture brand rice "Tsya Hime"、All the things that are kind to the body and happy!

"KamatakiTsuya Hime"

Yamagata Prefecture's proud white rice "Princess Tsya"The、Like the name、The luster of cooking is good、The large grains are aligned and the white face is beautiful!
Excellent overall balance、It is said to be more delicious than Ishihikari、It is more light than Ishihikari, so it is good for Japanese cuisine!

It is "Tsya Hime" famous for being delicious even if it is cooled、You can enjoy the depth of taste of the charred food that can be done by cooking it in a kettle!

"Kamakura Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Vinegar Dressing"

Baby leaves and broccoli sprouts from Kamakura、A well-balanced mini salad with tomatoes and seaweed added to greens such as podded peas。

An Italian restaurant in Yamagata Prefecture with homemade balsamic vinegar dressingAl ketchfernoMasayuki Okuda (Masayuki Okuda)You will be treated to a special salt "Moon Drop Salt" handled by the chef!


Daikon radish、Nana Nozawa、Three kinds of pickles of umeboshi、It is a treasure that came out of the brewery when I renovated an old private house、100Lacquerware from more than 10 years ago is carefully used!

"Kamakura Kamaage Seraki and Grated Daikon Radish"

"Miso soup"

Seasonal bamboo shoots and tofu、Chinese cabbage、What is the miso soup of the leek?、Kamakura's "Miso shop Kamakura InoueBecause it uses the aged miso of Shin state、You can enjoy the taste like a restaurant with a fragrant and mellow taste!

"Aunt's handmade cancer"

"Cancer-mo" handmade by grandma who buys a small shop in Kamakura、Elegant but nostalgic taste、A treat filled with kindness including dashi stock that otsumitsu otsumi that otsumi and seeuwatsu when you cheek!

"Princess Egg Dashi Roll Egg"

In miura peninsula"Iwasawa PortreeThe dashi roll egg made with the "princess's egg" created by、 Richness and umami are condensed with a moist texture、There is juicy that dashi drips!

"粂 mackerel dried fish"

The dried fish.、A long-established shop that has been in Tsukiji for 100 yearsTsukiji 粂Dried fish is provided、I had mackerel on this day.、Exquisite dried fish with a strong umami taste and a taste that chopsticks advance!
If it 粂 dried fish on the tail、I would like you to eat "Kintaro Iwashi Meshi" which has been featured many times in the media! Mr. Matsumiya, the manager。Because there is also an online shop、I will order online!

"FukuroinaKura Melon Ripe Melon"

As before, after-dinner desserts、Of Fukuroi "Meikura Melon Farm cafe nijiYou can get a sweet ripe melon!
Fukuroi melon that my Shizuoka prefecture is proud of、affected by covid-19、Because it was the arrow ahead that I was sorry for the situation that I had to sell at a low price and how it was covered in the news、I thought that we could help by eating!


While brewingn after dinner、Enjoy chatting with Mr. Matsumiya!

Finish breakfast、When I'm in the room、Tsussy, an old friend of her husbandHiroki Tsushima (Hiroki Tsushima)I got a call from you.、Because he stopped by because he was nearby at the right time、I was guided around the building!

This is Kamakura Kodo、It is also compatible with various meetings, etc.、"Chartered" or "time-reserved", etc.、In to respond flexibly、On the job、Tssie was delighted that it was the perfect place to meet calmly with customers and colleagues! I hope you can use it by all means!

1This is the end of the article of the Kamakura trip of 2 days of stay。This time the、I made it a trip that narrowed down to one point of "Kamakura Koko" without sightseeing other、I had a very luxurious time.。
Now I'm in my house、It is a day to enjoy life with my dog Chocolat that I welcomed as a family、It will be difficult to travel abroad for a while in the future.、When you start to see the light of convergence、I would like to tell you about my trip around Japan again.。

All ages Kamakura (Kamakura Cocon)
Address:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Nikaido 836
TEL:0467-81-4435(Phone hours:9:00To 18:00-

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