Shizunami Beach entrance Soba and eel Japanese restaurant "dining peaks" for lunch


Along Route No. 150 of makinohara、Shizunami seashore entrance intersection angle、"Near" is shaking up Orange hand-dyed noren、Soba and eel、Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy a meal "Ministry of food Bong"There。To tell the truth here.、In my parents ' home。We opened his parents at an early age from、We celebrated 36 years thanks to local patrons and customers travelling as early as。Now the 65-year-old father is、And a younger brother to succeed、Is letting me do family-family。When I go home to my boyfriend and my parents ' House、Please always greeted with a warm smile also welcome position where you will find delicious Japanese food!


Shop、In the father's younger brother has undergone a renewal of several times thanks to Carpenter's uncle、36Provides the space felt a year apprenticeship in wooden。Counter seat 6 seat.、Tatami Room 4 people x 3、Because it is possible up to 20 or so back parlor is connected between the two also various banquet inquiries。Today at the peak of the day well off when in、Whats the recommended lunch while helping clean up。Lunch menu、Lunch ¥ 980 mini bowl of Soba (Zaru Soba、Small bowl、Salad、Pickles) and、Also have original menus that recommended his brother.


The tempura、Use the vegetable oil mixed with a small amount of sesame oil。Because the best is the new oil、Add kicked up carefully in a fine mesh of 漉shi taking a beautiful oil、The use without replacement spare。Just by hearing the sound of fried food, the hungry I (laughs)


Mini Bowl "Tempura"

Shrimp single、Eggplant、Pumpkin、Large leaf。Are you mini Bowl、Pre-cooked rice servings are flexible。Fried fried and sickly sauce we were talking about let。


Mini onion salt pork rice bowl

Is quite popular among the mini Bowl。And use the pork;、Special after the sauteed onion and Leek finely carved into salt seasoned with sauce。Ginger grilled is recommended、Here salt sauce also pork and coffee, delicious!


Set "Soba"

Use high-quality buckwheat from Japan、Is mixing made by hands in all the processes off of buckwheat。Usually said the 28 wheat 2:More than Soba 8 percentage、Slightly reduce the proportion of wheat and buckwheat flavor complement。Also decoction、Put the dashi took from the thick bonito dashi for the signature, resulting、Solid flavor and have had a rich dark order of sweet juice is。


And will be on the set with "mini salad" brother original onion dressing。


On the set with "Pickles"


"Curry put Seiro" 980 yen

That is what my sister says、Brother homemade Curry、It is quite addictive for the taste。Chicken 2 whole meat soaked in yogurt dates、Tender preparation、Using the common onion until caramelized、Curry prepared with loving care by his brother original blend of spices and make out in the Soba sauce、A mellow Curry put Seiro。Is making a big mistake if you often sweet Curry near a noodle shop I thought that。So so good punch、Order the Soba was and after、Small and add to rice ¥ 100、Put the rice end quite often eaten。Also from this hot summer weather with hot Curry wouldn't! to say "I saw the WEB Magazine lade", who visited the、What services may be (laughs)

Ministry of food Bong
Makinohara-Shi Jing-Bo 2276-2 TEL:0548-22-1886
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、On Tuesday

Makinohara-Shi Jing-Bo 2276 -2

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