An elegant breakfast while watching the "Kamakura kokinshu' hideaway Inns in Japan garden

Old House Hotel "Kamakura Kokin(Kamakura Cocon) "in the early morning、Much of good singing wake up birthday、Best of day!

Filled the green nature of the mountains around the garden、Spacious garden as well、Mochino木 and Japanese black pine、Tsuge、Cypress、Surrounded by pomegranate、For the show vary depending on seasonal flowers、You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons with the carp in the pond!

4Moon-this morning the most comfortable climate in April、Warm up in the morning bath micro bubble bath、Would you like to enjoy while walking around the House with yukata!

Around the azalea and rhododendron、While the bees are buzzing and 飛bi交i and dine at nectar!

And try to get out of the gate、Try to find up the path under his arm and、Excellently small Shinto shrine enshrined the Mountain God!

Stretching at the foot of、Bracken fern and spring、Pteretis do?
You could come across so many Greens say spring treat!
According to ManagerMATSUMIYA, Daisuke (Daisuke Matsumiya)And I'm on will give you land.、"For bamboo shoots can be caught in the mountains、Continue to provide in future "and、This appeal also found one!

After a stroll、In the lounge shop looking for souvenirs!

Top blow picking high-quality tea in Restaurant at Cocon (restaurant now and then) "[High-quality tea, non-alcoholic, tea party Cha-En] ROYAL BLUE TEA (Royal blue tee)"The other"tea roasted aroma roaster (The Gyokuro Houjicha KAHO)"and"Kyoto Uji tencha (The Uji) sold、Feature set, providing "roji" specializing in Japan tea green tea with yuzu and cherry green tea、In addition to "black tea" offers 10 varieties of bagged tea!

In the jour say sweets tea、Baked goods prepared by、"Miso Kamakura Inoue" "Koji jam" and "miso dressing.、Also makes it easier to price and is perfect for the gift!

In the sum of enjoy the rich scent of natural incense "probably bamboo Sai smell" lead fragrance and natural is employed as of rooms with bath item "MATIN et Étoile is(Matane et etal) "of the product、Brand perfume fragrant heart (fragrant heart) 100% pure essential oils、Women even a nice gift!!



Go back to your room and seem ready for breakfast、So here who served in the room、You can style without any hesitation!

Towel has made air smells good "Cypress"、Rest feeling relieved in warm brown rice tea、Open the sliding doors and、Overlooking the garden and the breakfast time is time of bliss!

Breakfast is served in the color rich nutrition plenty of、Side dishes freshly cooked rice Yamagata rice brand "tsuyahime" and "revive" with plenty of vegetables and if you meet several balanced line、It is gentle on the body and I'm happy!

♦ Brown rice tea

♦ cold press juice of 7 species of fruits and vegetables

♦ small organic vegetable salad

♦ Kamakura boiled Shirasu and grated daikon radish

♦ Grilled Spanish mackerel
♦ Princess egg soup volume egg

♦ freshly cooked rice (polished Princess, from Yamagata Prefecture)

♦ soup

♦ homemade pickled vegetables (pickled、Cucumber、Dried plums)

Capped at a dinner on the eve of Miura peninsula "Iwasawa Portree"Because it was too delicious egg Princess、Eggs I have add!

Fine till the yolk color、How do human drool soy sauce、Golden TKG (egg rice) in and voila!

Further good news is that、A dessert of Fukuroi "Nagura melon farm ☆ FruitcafeNiJi"The sweet-not is the appearance of ripe melon!
Around anything and Nagura melon farm owner and his wife have Atami MATSUMIYA, long with you it seems to fit, I hope "in Kamakura now and then by all means privacy policy you want to!

A peaceful morning joy just to the edge of producers we know better and MATSUMIYA!

All ages Kamakura (Kamakura Cocon)
Address:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Nikaido 836
TEL:0467-81-4435(Phone hours:9:00To 18:00-

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