"Eel Fujita" Kamakura Shin project Hamamatsu station with unagi lunch!

Founder and 0/1892 would be established within 4 generations of eel shop "Eel Fujita"The branch"Eel Fujita Hamamatsu station branch"To!

Here is、Is located a 1-minute walk from hamamatsucho Station South exit、Modern and make your dinner in a private room in the atmosphere、Will tend to utilize visitor from afar when you shop!

The eel、3Is the second by has continues to shirttail "secret sauce"、Use charcoal selection.、One one face care、Are grilled to order。

Here be Cantonese steamed eel、As with chopsticks become plump and soft texture and、With an elegant sauce with sweet、You can enjoy the rich flavor!

Today、Long time in Toyama "River retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"The General Manager had beenMATSUMIYA, Daisuke (Daisuke Matsumiya)Mr. together Lunch Meeting!

This time、MATSUMIYA, working on the new company "Sakura co., Ltd. succeededOf the interviewed about Kamakura small rakjuare hotel in the round 1 of the revival project!

Surrounded by mountains and the sea, natural rich Kamakura。

Away from the city center、Forget the hustle and bustle、City of adults spend a quiet moment、Kamakura。

To such、"Kamakura small rakjuare hotel", provide only a 2-room suite-11-open this fall will be! I could show the details at that time!

Hope and prosperity of the new project's first visit to Hamamatsu and MATSUMIYA、After the meal、Your guide to Hamamatsu Castle became a stepping stone for national unification promotion Castle!

Deep green will be exploring this season Hamamatsu Castle Park is comfortable!
Is there a limited time、Under the blue sky、Look in Hamamatsu City from the elevated position、Very pleasant walk!

To our taking the whole country、Enjoy the photo along with the young Tokugawa Ieyasu is goodbye! Ranks Castle live!

Eel Fujita Hamamatsu station branch
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sunayama-Cho 322-7 anjomachi 2nd floor
Hours of operation:11:00~ 14:00、17:00-21:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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