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"Dining peaks" makinohara home is the place! Highway 150 small Japanese restaurant


Along Route No. 150 of makinohara、Shaking hand dyed Orange curtain landmark "Soba" streamers shizunami Beach entrance intersection angle、Enjoy handmade soba noodles and set Japanese restaurant "Dining peaks • Soba、The eel、Table d'hote"there is!

Actually,、Here is my home、We opened his parents at an early age from、Local regulars who started.、And thanks to the tourists who visit the shizunami beach as early as its 41 year.

The parents are retired machines that had suffered from the disease、Shape to succeed his brother 峯野 Ken (Suguru Mineno) currently is deals、Husband and wife along with Aya from Shimizu was married how cute your daughter's harmony、And are letting me do!

Shop、In the father's younger brother has undergone a renewal of several times thanks to Carpenter's uncle、Providing a wooden space also felt the article。Counter seat 6 seat.、Tatami Room 4 x 3 seats available!

"Dining peaks",、Handmade Soba and hit my brother started.、Eel, Tempura、Also bankable liquor serve can enjoy a set menu with various restaurants.

On this day、From Shizuoka on the way home from Hamamatsu to visit at lunch time!
Recommend the lunch menu is usually set for Soba and mini donburi 980 yen、This time the、Is there a favorite who pulls in advance according to the homecoming chicken curry rice ¥ 850!

The "chicken curry"、Will be set and served with grilled vegetables, with "mushroom and potato soup" and "mini salad.。In thick Curry made his brother、And being Braised Guinea fowl to soften bone chicken、Up for sale will come apart by blending several spices after the sweet acidity of the tomato and sweet onion and spicy!

Served with curry dipping this Curry out in Japanese-style broth-based Curry put Seiro Soba 1050 yen is recommended!

Take too much effort.、The younger brother on a whim, making "chicken curry"、Behind the scenes but in the sense of the menu we offer、Indeed many regular customers have been waiting for this、Our couple will be in that one! So I continue to request on a regular basis and、When you visit makinohara come enjoy everyone!

Ministry of food Bong
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture bokushi haraichi static wave 2276-2
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:00、Dinner 17:30-21:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday、On Tuesday

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"NO BAR & # 8217s; AGE" enchanted pairing with cocktail mixology-style "Hare 3" local B-class gourmet! Bonito and kombu dashi Okonomiyaki with plenty of Yam
"NO BAR & # 8217s; AGE" enchanted pairing with cocktail mixology-style
"Hare 3" local B-class gourmet! Bonito and kombu dashi Okonomiyaki with plenty of Yam


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