Araiyakushi to relax at the long-established Foundation 50th anniversary "Kama-meshi Mutsumi" Kama-meshi store

Asakusa lunchSenso-ji TempleFar away、Kama-meshi shopping center would be back enjoying araiyakushi Asakusa nestled quietly in 1968 established "Kama-meshi, Mutsumi"To!

Appearance was in the okiya has some nostalgic atmosphere、Curtain with expanse of tatami room、1From the floor upstairs seats up to Grand hustle and bustle of the crowded!

Like a clerk who is "Please wait for a while because we're going outside! "With us help testimonials。They hold the book and already in 3-4 pairs waiting in、Do not look at approximately 1 hour。Give the name and mobile phone number、As soon as you call the space mechanism、Outside the waiting was not good、Take a stroll around the recommended。This is、Seems to care to your neighborhood?。Because it has made large procession next to the popular Western-style restaurant "Grill 佐久良.、Shimatsu been made the matrix is indeed block the road in front of the 傍迷惑 may be from、That concern also looked wonderful!

And after about an hour and a half from the book、Finally, don't miss our turn! Go up, take off your shoes in the shop、Seats will be through。
Tatami mats to cushion、Smell of tableware and Showa atmosphere strangely calm down!

The number is your shinagaki from、Staple staple in [takikomi mix (chicken、Clam、Shrimp、Shiitake mushroom、Bamboo) "1080 p ¥ love dried young sardine meshi 1296 Yen order、That 40-minute wait to cook up hot tea。That will be nearly two hours total time waiting for your book、Ahead and still it was worth the wait! (Lol)

In this dish also includes many、To see more people drink while your thumb while waiting for the Kama-meshi、Without eating other Asakusa、It is also recommended!

Open the kettle lid、Fluffy out and fragrant soup steaming fragrant flavor of ingredients containing、Instinctively close face mist shower!
So your cooked along with the ingredients、Over oozing delicious plump and cooked rice, and、The oven bottom is crispy and burnt firmly!

Teacup with a 2 p-3 p to segregate、While enjoying refreshments and Rafah、With a piping hot miso soup and Japanese pickles of the three, this price in New York but is amazing!

Seasonal "Yellowtail" or "Oyster"、Because it was so very delicious salmon parent and child as well as、In the next visit、Recruit from a wide variety of Kama-meshi order what you want!

Kama-meshi, Mutsumi
Address:Tokyo, Taito-ku, Asakusa 3-32-4
Hours of operation:11:30-21:30( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday and Tuesday's bi-weekly

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