Great volume "make one" suburb nestled quietly skewer fried shop's lunch!

Kita-ku, Hamamatsu.、Run the mikatahara home of Hamamatsu North post Street at Hamamatsu industrial high school district、To kushiage shop behind the seven-eleven opposite the TSUTAYA video rental hideaway know "comb one"!

The fried foods at home.、Also, enjoy still Pro FRY deep fried、To bother you in the first few months and、The owner or owner's、From your daughter has been to help you see exactly、Yesterday, rumors and I'm! "And! ETSU(° Д ° ≡ ° Д °;)The why!

Anything、As well 被renakatta but I buy a beret has a daughter、Remember I have always loved the hat、That only existed in the WEB Magazine lade Hat check。To visit the next day were very surprised! Surely、Your reputation or through was just may be!

The restaurant's atmosphere of modern、Curving counter to me、Just shop tables and tatami room, 30 seats so spacious and meals、Opened in 2005, despite shop staff is、Kitchen suggests that the punctuality of the owner can be seen!

Lunch menu、Comb one set 1080 yen for skewer fried deals (fried and eight small dishes, rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert) and two kinds of fried vegetables in the main a healthy "setsugekka set 1080 Yen、This order sets comb ASU no Yoichi! Menu is fried and eight written、Actually,、Is always the most surprising come out of eight or more、You can feel the spirit of generous service!

If you look at it everyone was at the height of the CP satisfactory! In addition to a reasonable、They are serious food、Spared no effort.、Carefully you put fried skewer skewers 1 1!

Pork Skewers、Shrimp 2、White fish-shiso roll、Asparagus、Eggplant、Pumpkin、Carrot、Croquettes、Shimeji, etc。Kushi katsu sauce "with homemade Tartar、Source、Herb salt "for serving with your choice in the three。Cute croquette of the triangle is all homemade、I am overjoyed that two dude and although shrimp skewers!

Received an order from us fried in order to、And freshly fried hot holded skewer fried meal、Miso soup with rice、Pickles、"Negi Toro cold tofu' with in small bowl、Finish of even melons for dessert!

On this day、"Kumquat" even at the moment would suggest us to sample! Kumquat flavorful flesh peeling、Fried croquettes and pickled ginger to it during the Peel、In one mouthful of fish and、Compatible with kumquat aroma and soft croquettes、The dish of pickled ginger accent is pleasing to the end!

Good value for money for lunch.、Very special shop POPs "oddities" is the idea of the owner of such personal counter bite and you will be!

ASU no Yoichi comb
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 109-20
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00
Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday、On Wednesday night

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