Of a plan on the Greens of Yugawara Onsen ryokan 'leaves' season and phase State cattle


In the leaves,、Each room at our meals is normal style、As with two fellow guests and、Group dinner banquet (Yugawara maiko available by reservation)、Or that stage here in a room does not stay the only meal is possible。Provides tables on tatami、Many people nowadays are not called, you wish to seat at the table?。2Even before you book、I'm keeping this room it's possible!


Is there still Dim before performing、Light the candles、One side in the tree window、Feel the force the natural trees and rocks、The solemn air of dignified。Here at B&From the night of the Moody sound has been played。


Aperitif of pickled apricots sake


Appetizer 'land(part2) first tomato ACC vinegar

Akita 蓴菜 (water shield) of thick many vitamins、The first tomato tartness whets the appetite。


Eight "sea bream sushi glutinous rice dumplings forty days yellow fried sweet potato honey Braised 蝦蛄 Chaozhou-style scabbard Hachiman winding stoking broad bean sauce"

Also 蝦蛄 (Jaco) yellow fried、Dish on alcohol also Chaozhou-style was as she elegantly wrapped scabbard。Fava Beans are the exterior skin and。


Festival in May to a dumpling of a sea bream。Wound young bamboo leaves、The elaborate goes lush and fragrant fresh glutinous rice dumplings。


I ordered 3 wine leaves select leaves select 3 drinks 1 drink: sake of Kanagawa 3800 yen this time adapted to the meals out?。


Bowl Hata GE slapping first Eggplant land Lotus Flower yuzu ginger

With GE beating Hata of the Suruga Bay。Only first Eggplant youth overflowing smell good in the、Gentle sweet taste and texture that melts in your mouth opens his mouth。I'm looking forward to scented flower yuzu、Leave a last touch of ginger flavor of the broth in a fine balance。


2 wine leaves select 3 wine。


Made the "初鰹 gate squid ashirai '

With roasted 初鰹。At your choice、Ponzu sauce、Mustard、Will be in the soy sauce。Specialty in Hamamatsu "have bonito" accustomed to blame has been passed?、Bonito itself here at all because to feel。Gate soggy squid with a sense of、From a hidden knife fine taste。


Pottery in aspect State beef grilled、Susumu relish "edible wild plants Tempura.、Stop relish "tomorrow leaves boiled spinach salad.

This season's recommended course entrees、The phase State beef grilled、And burned charcoal in the surface and spreading、Instantly, 零remasu and serves as overflowing from the juice。Meat quality characteristics of fibrous remains and bite?。Also baked and grilled over bamboo。Wearing this bamboo shoots sauce thickness and doneness is exquisite! Tempura is Heavenly broth and Ginger grated、Meat is a sweet pepper sauce。The edible wild plants Tempura、Possible.、Mt. Udo、Tomorrow leaves.、Strainer oil、Kogomi。


3 wine leaves select 3 wine。Really delicious sake served with SN。Leaves selection this time was 3 drinks were none a soft sweet taste。


Fired matching "Conger white boiled new potato seared white asparagus"

Conger eel in clear soup was traditional soft white asparagus in Kyushu, and Ingen down with ginger。The hidden picture、That is the new potato taste burnt all Ho! lump to smile now。




Are us sum even in the leaves, as selected by the。This time friend husband "this Japanese to marriage which wine will? "And so wondered、Decided to get a glass of wine。To come out of white "Chablis"、Red "Napa Valley rindo(Purple Bell)"Three"gevrey-Chambertin.。


Rice she Gohan

Kama-meshi smoky fragrance of the she and blue aroma of fresh green peas。Rice bowl with leaves, is one of the fun。Nakagama, 4 people are satisfied in parkroyal on Kitchener Road about 2 tablespoons to each。


Lovely lady human and human products and courteous staff。


Slightly stick can burn a pot of good so far。Friends keep in touch with the delicious and smoldering friend husband and wife。


Marked the end of long experience trained in "miso soup" Kyoto chef, Mr. Tadashi Nakada hospitality。


Contrary to the "Pickles" vegetables rice with kindness、I attacked with salt and pickles。Even this balance?。


Conger "with EMA Strawberry with morning State strawberry picking ripe means it is。


Hidden leaf sweet "Kentaro Peas' peas (usuimame) Kentaro (RO)、They are beautiful。


3After hours of leisurely evening kaiseki、1Whats over the BGM was moist and in the waiting room of the F.


Whisky in locking

Talk with four scratch time while soaking up the afterglow。In inns like the Michelin two-star delicious kaiseki with a friend and his wife taste cowry shell ended a fun summer party。Going from breakfast in the morning bath, relax and please 8:30。Let me introduce the next morning meal!

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