Tempura fried in safflower oil 100% "Tempura Koizumi if" seasonal Kansai-style

Not to mention seasonal, Toyama Prefecture, Japan、 Kansai-style, light clothes, wrapping in frying fresh selection from the whole country in one dish care with safflower oil 100% "Tempura Koizumi if"To!

Here is、Owner born in OsakaTakano MasaoMr. Tempura Osaka store "1 treasure store"In practice, about 15 years after、Invited to the senior was independent in Kanazawa、2013And start a Tempura restaurant in Toyama,、Its your love to rim how et al、The name with a 'Koizumi"name senior shop、As well as claims "Tempura Koizumi if"。Toyama Ishikawa Michelin one we are suppose to the stars!

Place、Basement lined with eateries in the concert venue located in Toyama station North "urban place" number of stores on the first floor.

Shop、In this relaxing complete Japanese hospitality、And 8 counter seats four people and provided table seats for two、He met with a smile bright mistress dressed in a kimono。Let's go to the reservation.

And there has been a business lunch at the counter.、We met friends in unexpected places!
Greetings to you、What、That near-miss was Barcelona、Wonder woman just feel the edge is (laughs)

The day's first customers may、Lunch menu "course (including fresh tiger prawn Tempura 7 products、Meals、Desert) "order for 3000 yen.

Introduced me to the first of all ingredients、Please check allergy, poor food, etc!

First began "tubers and spinach with tofu.、Start with a classy appetizer!

Salad、Pickled shallots and garnished、Instead of dressing are、Matching the shakishaki texture of leafy vegetables, tomato and scallion dip much good, fresh acidity.

The tempura、From the "live prawns' sweet! Tender body and Sou are understandably、Legs were fried and crispy texture will also play soothing sounds!

"Sautéed" in order、"Kaiware"、A juicier "mushroom"、Served with plum sauce "cutlass fish" and the "scabbard"、In the hokku kihoku
Enjoy intense sweetness is Ishikawa Prefecture, Goro Island gold and more、Salt and lemon、Heavenly sauce to your liking!

Is your diet、"Kakiage Don、Celestial tea、From 天ba "from choice、"Tempura Bowl" and "natural Brown"。The tempura batter、Seri、Garland chrysanthemum、Kyosho carrot、Sautéed with.、Beautiful shades、Enjoy the scents of Chrysanthemum leaves an indescribable!

Finish with generous gelato using Lees 'Masuo spring dessert next door、Great lunch!

But from Osaka、Increasing with Toyama cooks and producers、Takano and his wife are happily sent Toyama life! The hospitality of the Kansai people and warm、Me forget the cold of winter.

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