Mediterranean-style cuisine Japan "Koy Shunka" Barcelona Michelin one-star winner

Please refer to this article about recent trends of Mr. Matsushita!

"Koy shunka" struggles in Barcelona during corona infection spread! Michelin chef Hideki Matsuhisa attracts attention

Barcelona in 20 years.、Taking advantage of the local Mediterranean ingredients、Owner and Chef have created culinary Japan loved SpainMatsuhisa, HidekiJust last year、And celebrated the achievements "Koy Shunka"At the one-star Michelin was!

Stylish interior appointed with modern and stylish design。Around the open kitchen counter becomes the main dining room、30Name less than staff at each post has been active and lively、Lively kitchen opens up ago your eyes!

Go to the market every morning、Matsuhisa chef carefully selected ingredients carefully selected stock。And receive course matsuhisa chef Japan dishes loved by the people of Barcelona committed to leaving、During suggests Japan Kazuo mind trendy performance and attention、A fine balance between the Mediterranean ingredients dish people were creating the dish!

Are endowed with rich ideas to Japan、The "assorted sashimi."、 Stainless steel bowl of ordered the Japan Islands! Soy feed in Hokkaido、Okinawa book Wasabi! The device is provided in the form of bamboo leaves in the sushi and interweave Kazuo mind all over the place!

For he staff、That is of course available in Japan、Most of the guests from Spain who "here's a Barcelona! "And is also in Spain, flying to anew、From the US and Japan dishes while also various stimuli will be packed with restaurants!

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