Dinner served in the "culinary valve one" old culinary arts you with sticking the shopkeeper at the bar

Founder and 0/1924、2014Greeted the 90th anniversary year、Traditional garnishes city Hamamatsu greeted as early as in 1993, this year's "culinary artsValve one"。

Their appearance not only food, tasteful、For each sum of the quiet room。
Arranging and great number of indicators、And、And gathers the shopkeepers attention at the bar、At that time in the season, carefully crafted and、In the spirit of hospitality is provided!

3Handed over to the main current of goodwill has been in perpetuity、Junichi Suzuki。
And left the store from 0/1991、That started.、We shake the arms request from across the country hard to find ingredients and seasonal ingredients、For a wealth of knowledge of sake suited for cooking and wine、It would be better to leave!

Is your store、1Name-10 to accommodate private room available only。
A full seat warmer for、Legroom is easier to、It is possible to spend hours slowly!

This time the、2-6 people we have available between ya、"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"Parent company that operates"GLION GROUP"ofMajestic 宮定 (Takehiro Miyasada)Ms. chikada mitsuhiro's Manager of Maserati Hamamatsu andGod-gate t.With dinner!
On this day、"Seasonal cooking course 12960 yen, please I have!

First of all,、Domestic premium beer flavor in food and beverage stores limited produced GARGERY (Gallery) at 750 Yen cheers!
The "appetizer"、And assorted small dishes, such as, where you can enjoy several、Vinegar white peach and octopus dish salted grilled chicken can give you over with balsamic vinegar Nanjing puree using fresh peach。In addition、Speaking of summer still conger! With that said "Conger child dashi jelly.、Slow cooked "abalone liver sauce.、With vivid colors "of bicolored Red Pepper Dip fried"、Call free to serve、Suggests that the job carefully appetizer、In which also taste delicious! The delicious!

A bowl of、Next to "Hamana Lake in conger and melon.、Melon that is also on the body gently steeped in Yuki、Beautiful osteotomy and、Fluffy and soft texture Conger.、Soup a delicate taste of cheek was stiff!

The sashimi、"Mai Hanna seabream、Broiled snapper、Tuna Toro、Katsura stripping Sakhalin cucumber、Butterfly carrot、New shoots.。
Becoming a butterfly ornament cut cucumber with ginseng、Is also nice。
I liked the design of the butterfly that bothering me? (Lol)

In the finished beer、Will match the Suzuki's recommended sake dishes every。
To build your、Shizuoka sake "DOI Shuzo"The new name late iwahara 's" Noto flow name Brewer's "good luck"、Only 50 years to pass on the technology cultivated over many years experience and mesmerize year manufacture of daiginjo、Be aged。
You basically put it sake in Suzuki's own sensibility and experience more、Sake here you can taste the stuff in a sense different from the usual highly、It is also becoming one of。
And come along with the taste of red snapper and rich texture and sweet taste while、A classy fragrance、Guests can enjoy a rich body firmly.

Fish food is "sea bream baked bean sauce、Plum.。Beneath the plump and moist baked sea bream、Served with sweet bean paste with sour plum。
Guests can enjoy a lush texture, crunchy okra even better color!
Here you will、And ship once a year、Aomori Prefecture, rare limited sake "Nishida brewery"The" rice wine junmai daiginjo Doo jar taking.。
Busty taste full of grace、Culler on the scent of the sea bream.

Meat dishes are "Kumamoto red beef homemade Marchand-de-van-butter、Tempura Jumbo mushroom and young corn pot Vera.。
Felt genuine flavor with the exquisite taste of red meat and high-quality fat balance beef Red Bull、Moist and soft finish.、Homemade stewed in red wine shallot finely chopped the Marchand de van butter flavor was and while also、Taste is delicious!
Here you will、Once again is difficult to obtain rare wine "Black Dragon brewery"The" Heilongjiang nizaemon.。
The taste is sweet and sophisticated, yet also、In the fine flavor of homemade butter and beef sashimi.

Is your diet、Boiling salt and Conger soup only in、Conger's nutty flavor and taste "Conger rice" on "miso soup" and "pickle"。
Taste of the rice also natural that while、Added unexpectedly during the pickle "sunlight miso Tamari dipping scallion" also delicious。
The scallion here、Miso shop boasts a history of 400 years of sunshine "Sunlight miso for Mari-uesawa umetaro shopping"The owner,Takuya uesawa (Takuya Uwasawa)With transactions can be、It was divided。
Will contain the scent of sweet and sour taste and Tamari (miso supernatant) shallots、As non-thermal processing in a nice big crunchy texture because of 堪rimasen!

At the end is sweet、Gentle sweet taste and nodding "wasanbon Panna cotta、Red bean.。
The finish is worthy of sake、In the sake of her husband's family wine merchant Tajiri flagship store only service specifications including parameters "Masuda sake brewery"The bed about 5 years limited sake"Masuo fountain, jyouji sake sake mature Kusu"、In more aged to fit、Sake potential learned until the last minute.

By the way we been with us we fully enjoy the "culinary dialect" of goodness、To the Board of。Mr. Suzuki、Mr. 宮定、Chikada's Maserati Act City Hamamatsu、God-gate-Kun、Thank you for hours of fun!

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