"Like his" Midsummer ox! Kansai-style charcoal grilled eel specialty stores like heavy, nourishing and tonic

Speaking of Hamamatsu, "Eel"、And、The eel is the day of the earfish!

To begin with、It is said that the custom of eating eel on the day of the earthen-sand is from the Edo period.。
Is reported as the origin、Scholar of the Edo period, gennai hiraga、In order to raise the eel shop of the acquaintance who was refreshing sales "Today、Midsummer ox "and wrote, the signs on the storefront、Thriving is that beginning (laughs)
Will be good to eat something "ox (unohi)" with a "u"、"Udon"、"Umeboshi"、And a "melon"、In the recent、From the stamina to stick "beef"、It is said that "horse meat" etc. are joining.。
"Eel" is one that is、The origin theory here is famous.。

What is the day of the earthen to the soil this year?、7/25(Tue) and 8/6 (Sun)、7/25The one's dragon、2The second 8/6 is called the second!

Hamamatsu、While there are many specialty stores that offer eels,、Taste sauce and bake、It is easy to divide the taste by how to cook rice.、It might be a feature of the eel that there is a favorite shop of each person.。
In Hamamatsu、Including "Eel Fujita", a long-established thriving store in the 25th year of its founding in the Meiji era.、We are also famous for our favorite "Kanelin eel shop", but、Charcoal fire eel specialty store along the Kinshi Kaido in Mikamihara-cho, which is the neighborhood of my homeLike GilIt is also popular!

"Whoachi" is、A special lye eel、Mackerel according to the order、It becomes a kansai-style eel specialty store cooked by charcoal without steaming.、Two times in the secret sauce、3baked while soaking with times、The skin is crispy.、The inside is characterized by plump and soft!

The store is a total of 80 seats and spacious (both non-smoking and smoking seats are available as smoke) in combination with 1F and 2F.、Up to 20 cars can be parked next to the store.。
Funeral Dishes、Various banquets、Dinner、You can also receive eel bento, white grilled and kamayaki souvenirs on the occasion.。
On this day、There is also a day of the earthen -take-away is very popular, and the store is almost full and crowded!
It seems that the eel has run out of stock early in the store!

To take an order and then burn it up.、It takes a little time to deliver。
As a result、served with tea、While enjoying the "eel bone" fried eel bone、Wait for the weight to be completed♪

Pure white smoke spreads from the kitchen into the shop.、It is the momentum that seems to be able to eat rice only by the smell!
The eel is carefully baked in the kitchen with charcoal.、It is also fun to be able to see how to pass over the charcoal while entangled in the sauce of the secret。

Fragrant baked、3,250 yen of "Unashige- Line", which is dressed in a glossy secret sauce, is put on the cheek.、We were able to replenish the stamina to cope with the heat of summer♪

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