Japan food "rakuen Raquel lunch at unpretentious space


In one corner of the tenants of a quiet residential area of Ohira、In the storefront looks like the Cafe but it、Can you Japanese kaiseki cuisine and authentic "J-RESTAURANT rakuen Racquet"And it is。Look at the website click here、Mr. noissiki, the owner of the image in South Island、That it has been producing store themed paradise of the heart。


Shop、Counter seats and tables to 19 seats。Made to order furniture "Amsterdam Studio"Is it's decorated in a set of tables、Natural wood is a soft space。Mat is reminiscent of tropical Turquoise.。For each table、Toshima Ruriko production has been discontinued now and it's works of Ryukyu glass bud vase is placed pretty。Now、Lunch menu、You can choose from the following。This time the、The miso I ordered fish miso yaki lunch 1575 Yen with gyunabe lunch 2100 Yen。

Roll and egg lunch 1,155 Yen
Seasonal fish miso yaki lunch 1,575 Yen
Like miso pork pot lunch 1,785 Yen
The miso gyunabe lunch ( Japanese ) beef 2,100 yen
Gyunabe mini kaiseki course 3,150 yen (reservations required)


'Roasted' Japan tea brand 'AOCO"And it is roasted green tea。It is a mellow aroma and taste。


"Miso like gyunabe lunch ( Japanese ) beef ' 2,100 yen

Transported in a charcoal Brazier、Like miso of charcoal in a small pot、Is Sukiyaki Okazaki miso and miso rakuen's signature in the Prefecture, egg, well-thought-out w / in a sauce rich flavor and mellow taste。Underneath the cow、焼ki麩 tofu、White onion、Shiitake mushroom。


Like miso gyunabe lunches come with 'Bisque vegetable sesame sauce'

Onion、Carrot、Pumpkin new potatoes。The unglazed and vegetables、Hotku sweet and finished。Good and original sesame sauce to add flavor of sesame.。


Saikyo-yaki lunch for seasonal fish 1,575 Yen

Today's fish、Natural Yellowtail saikyo-yaki。How to marinate?、Bake for... a little moist and welcome。


Seasonal fish saikyo-yaki lunch comes with "the Shabu Shabu Salad Greens、Along with the carrot Sesame offers and pork in sauce。


Take the "fetch 豆fu" will come with both sets of rustic flavor tofu in broth。


In the set will come with 'rice'

Rice、7-used Moon、Compared to rice, including rich in dietary fiber and vitamin B1、It is a nutritious dinner。






Dessert set with ' cool? rakuen be ashamed "

口に運ぶとココナッツミルクの香りが立ち温かい汁粉なのにバニラアイスと混ざり温製のような冷製のようなしるこ。Enjoy the feeling of appetite、With black tapioca。Put time and、Vanilla ice cream would melt immediately, because it diminishes the flavor of dumplings、We recommend to you as soon as possible。


Tomizuka after-dinner drink coffee home roasting coffee beans ya 'Type2"And it's using beans。

Today is relatively empty、Lunchtime is near Madame their kaiseki place、From the book tend to be crowded so get better。

J-RESTAURANT rakuen Racquet
3-29-16 units Ohira Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu City
TEL:053-485-4429 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00( L.O.13:30-、18:00-22:00( L.O.21:00-

3-29-16 units Ohira Nishi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

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