"seasonal cooking Ouchi" Luxury pot you do not taste only to come not available winter and exhaustive is "Tara fish pot"!


From Hamamatsu station、FOOD Subaru, located just a few minutes walk from the Act building 2nd floor located "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"The、
"Cooking fresh ingredients of the season"Is the owner of creed。
The shopkeeperTetsuo OuchiMr. a、In that provided the real food inedible decorations without sticking Buri、
Summer hamo horsetail cuisine、Natural eel、Natural darkness in autumn、Winter natural fugu (Blowfish) and
Japan Restaurant specializes in dishes when natural ones have.


In the shop、The owner be able to over the counterOuchiIs it the knife or、
Beautiful aerial work platforms、You can get a glimpse up。
Patrons loved "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"。
Also meet familiar conversation、May also enjoy this shop!


Draft beer "The Premium Malt Masters Dream" 650 yen

First of all,、Draft beer at night of cheers。
"The premium malts mastersdream"The、Born from the commitment of home brewed beer、
In addition to the importance of ingredients、Bring out the charm of our proprietary technology and process
"Flavor"、"A soft bitterness.、"Faint sweetness.、"Pleasant scent" is complex.
Features of beer is intense taste.


"Assorted sashimi (4 servings)

Fresh fish of the seasonOuchiAnd it's has been buying connoisseur and、
Give the number of minutes in the Omakase and ordering、He served in the beautiful sashimi。
Pickled mackerel with vinegar、Red size、Toro、Tuna、Sea Urchin、Mantis shrimp、Sweet shrimp、Is a shell with a gorgeous bites!



Oysters in Hiroshima、"Ocean of milk"It looks best representation as to、
Spread thick and rich taste.


Winter Yellowtail miso yaki

From Yellowtail fillet a flavorful Kanazawa in Kaga miso marinated ones。
Fillet of、Let's bake intact without taking the miso!
Is the Yellowtail was brought up in the Japan Sea, exceptional taste、Salt in the miso as a yaki-Niku、Guests can enjoy elegant fragrance!


"Willow flounder dried overnight.

A beautiful white willow flounder。
Willow halibut have delicate and elegant flavor、"Queen of the flounder"As is known。
Overnight-dried Willow flatfish are "And drought"Said.、As the body's moisture came out moist and finished。
Veranda with elegant flavor packed enjoy crisp texture、
Dried overnight you can enjoy delicate taste is delicious!


IMO shochu liquor

IMO shochu fukiage, Kagoshima Prefecture Kaseda shochu's building "Wind toukagettan"In the water will。
Very low production、Rare "Golden chestnut"That uses sweet potato varieties、
In the depths of the aroma.、Is sublime, mellow sweetness.、Guests can enjoy a fine taste and you!


"Tara fish pot"

With cod fish and Milt "Tara fish pot"The、
Available only during the winter cod fillets and Roe、Luxury boiled with plenty of rich liver and。
Winter cod (blow-also known as madara) of Shun、The coldest January-February and has been。
Milt in male、Female becomes a topping、
Sauteed fillet of melting texture is exquisite in season、ALA the fish broth miso soup、No 捨tedokoro、
Enjoy this exhaustive cod、Many still active in the food!
Seasonal short cod that guests can enjoy a taste of.


Tara fish fillets




Garland chrysanthemum、芹菜、Green onion、Fried tofu


The first pot magistrate、Still the ownerOuchiIs it to and letting、Let's show a role model!


"Chicken-burdock root simmered.

Filtering a good chicken soup、Complement the flavor of the burdock root simmered、Chicken-burdock。
Healthy and offer plenty of dietary fiber、Almost gone is the side dishes and lumps.


Pot cooked rice

Fine up to a beautiful Silver Shak。
Cooked fresh scent arouses the appetite so quickly。
Is glazed.、Plump rice is standing, complete with beautiful grain。
Of the amount of water contained in grain of rice's good、Indescribable scent and sweetness。
Beneath the earthen pot、Have you burned a、This is also roasted the flavor.、
Is the moment seems really good born in Japanese。
"Seasonal cooking Ouchi"Now、And you need to book in advance、The time "Clay pot rice cooked"Can you provide!


"Zenzai azuki bean、Green tea ice cream.

"Seasonal cooking Ouchi"Now、Most will be homemade。
Green tea ice cream is smooth and fine texture、
In a classy sweet azuki beans boiled up、Is the sweet-flavored adult!


"Green tea"

Seasonal ingredients and freshly prepared dishes to the creed "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"。
Should Japan dishes that taste at home cannot be、
Somewhere warm feeling.、How many times would want to visit, such as、I think food serving。
OuchiSan、Feast we did! I will come again!

Seasonal cooking Ouchi
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672 FOOD Subaru Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:17:30To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672

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