"Japanese cuisine Benichi" Kaiseki get in spacious private rooms along with the history of its founding in 1924 established Culinary Arts


Foundation1924And、Two years ago2014 yearTo90AnniversaryEstablished Hamamatsu greeted relishes city "Japanese cuisine Benichi"。
Their appearance not only food, tasteful、For each sum of the quiet room。
Arranging and great number of indicators、And、And gathers the shopkeepers attention at the bar、
At that time in the season, carefully crafted and、Is provided in the spirit of hospitality.


3TeenThe handed over the main current of goodwill has been in perpetuity、Junichi SuzukiSan。
0/1991From the shop up、That started.、We shake the arms request from across the country hard to find ingredients and seasonal ingredients、
For a wealth of knowledge of sake suited for cooking and wine、Would be good to leave。
Advantage of the ingredients、Some even while sum based on Western elements、
Can be enjoyed neat meals rich in originality.



Printmaker in the Kiga ceramistHayashi KazuichiPlease welcome Mr. Daisaku。
When this building was built、Depicting as tanyu is adorned on the front door and just want to try and mounted renewed five years ago, when。
From the entrance the traditional incense with a breath、Please proceed to the second floor, go up the stairs.


Is your store、1Name-10 to accommodate private room available only。
A full seat warmer for、Legroom is easier to、It is possible to spend hours slowly。
For the counter、1Become a private space for your pair of (reservation required)。
Sitting comfortably on Mario Bellini Chair、Would be wonderful dishes, where you can enjoy the best sake。

This time the、2To 6 people available "Miyabi"Kindly provide。
On this day、Course seasonal meals 12960 YenPlease have a。

Day seats / 11:45-13:30 (last order)
-Senior-grade lunch box (dezaatotsuki) 2200 Yen
● shokado Bento (dezaatotsuki) ¥ 3500

Night seats / 17:30-21:00 (last order)
Parlor per person from 10 persons
-Seasonal cooking course
12,960Circle (one day prior to reservation)
(Service charge costs)
-90 anniversary of "seasonal kaiseki" * popular demand provides continued
6,480Circle, (reservation one day in advance)
(Service charge costs)


In the alcove、And is fresh and seasonal flowers and plants、Represents a sense of the season.


750 Yen beer GARGERY (Gallery)

"GARGERY (Gallery)"The、Domestic premium beer produced in food and beverage stores limited。
Stand out personality、On the other is not an attractive beer、
The various flavors vary depending on temperature、Tasteful、Rich and full of、
Guests can enjoy a drink brought about by an exquisite balance of sweet and bitter tastes, ease of use。
More than anything、To the glass is amazing!
Glass base is placed on the desktop、That is a rare thing not stable glass plugs、It is beautiful!
So drunk the wrong plug down requires care (laughs)



In the Lotus、Natural mushroom grown in the high mountains up and grated radish and。
Fine until of is of the largest homemade botargo、Thank you thick slices、Delicacies can be enjoyed with plenty of luxury。
The liver of monkfish liver as well as prized filefish、Sweet. Its rich flavor。
Mikawa shrimp is so cute、Offers in one bite in its smallish size。
The Hokkaido from sea urchin Tempura、Perilla, Walnut、And pull the concentrated sweetness with a burning、It melted!


Bowl of "gingko tree of sink.

The bowl of Ginkgo enjoy sink。
Lotus root cakes under the soup, like the rice cake fried Lotus root sat 摩ri、
Omaezaki from Camas 酒塩 baked off smell in the wine, and baked in salt、
Ginkgo biloba of whipped cream in the sink to fit、酒塩 Bake has been lightly seasoned eyes、
Colorful alms with snow peas、Cabos with a refreshing scent that one served out。
Become familiar with me in the stomach, such as is the warm feel of a luxurious dish.


This Bowl is、Before the renewed "Valve one"That came out during the demolition"Wajima-Nuri"。
SuzukiIs it's become vintage in a Bowl was purchased o祖父様。
"Wajima-Nuri"So by applying the paint and shine again、You can use a long period of time、
Originally just an expensive Bowl、It would take a reasonable priced repair costs。
Around the spring of last year's Bowl here、"Wajima lacquerware production honpo launderette Hall"In and out repair lacquer、
Fresher at that time、Your products just came back in the fall。
Launderette HallThe instrument is auspicious.、As used in the famous Tsukiji Tamura, Japan restaurant is a famous shop。
Because it was so vivid picture、I was drawn to the new design?、
It seems this is the traditional pattern has been passed down from the 0/1955!
See the open Bowl、Very nice "Wajima-Nuri"In spite of myself、Chopsticks in hand I spot photo stop。

SuzukiMr. a、Often、Seems to be regulars who asked for something like this。
"The customer can understand such craft know how much?"And。

In fact、To ordinary life and、"Wajima-Nuri"The chance to play Oh yes no、Will be a valuable、
Impossible not to see and touch with values is not quite easy。
"It is good!"And just thought, enough。
Also to talk with customer service in one month in many times that is not。
"You can shop with."And、Is just me feeling in the heart、SuzukiAnd I'm a 仰imasu。
"Japanese cuisine Benichi"Now、Also with affordable lunch Bento "Wajima-Nuri"Has been adopted。
Bear in mind that injuries aside、With their tradition of Japan、
Would be inherited from parent to child to grandchild will be great!


"Japanese cuisine Benichi"Now、Japanese sake and shochu、Wine is also good because、The shopkeeperJunichi SuzukiIs going to let、
According to sashimi shochu suggest we have!


"Dew pond old potato & When raiment.

From Amakusa brewery was sold in limited edition 300 last fall "Old fashioned sweet potato shochu"、"When raiment"Of the four with bottle。

"Old fashioned sweet potato shochu"The、Traditional distillation unit "Neat I"And then use the、Slowly gently distilled。
Also filter the order to leave the flavor without hardly、The finished taste of soju、
Raw materials using the purple island、Pulls in white malt taste of sweet potato。

Varieties of sweet potato "When raiment"The、
High starch and high yielding "9 No. 111 North State" And "Kona homare"There are varieties selected from mating to parents, training。
Along with opening a、Savory aromas of sweet potato。
Spread sweet potatoes a light mouth with taste and、
As one who draws a good acid。

Sweet potato shochu at lock and、Light beam emerges glass、Water Tin Cup as the best Chaser、
Ice also kachi, who put out by dividing ice、Fine as far it is nice!


Build your "white sea bream、Tuna tuna、Matua mackerel.

White sea bream a number have seafood in fish of the highest quality。
Tilefish itself is a high-quality fish is、In this white sea bream's is rare、As the taste is unbeatable。
Will be called by Shirakawa (Shirakawa) as region "shirogudzi" in the Kanto in the Kansai region, and may have different fish。

The tuna tuna off the coast of Jinhua mountain (Northeast Pacific)、And on the good balance between lean fat、
So-called "Higa Shimon"And the article is called、
In waters where cold and warm water、And, such as sardines, mackerel, bonito, tuna fishing、
As most fish species in the fishing world in many good fishing "3 world fisheries"And will be called regional。

Pine circle Server、In the highest grade of the mackerel will be 一本釣ri in the Miura peninsula pine Circle District、
Riding fat Dan by far is that "Phantom Golden mackerel"Even if it is said that。
However mackerel unseasoned wood rot and often said so、And enzymes in the mackerel、
Dies and we digest your body yourself now、Starts the growth of spoilage bacteria will break down into。
Do not tighten with salt and vinegar to prevent this from happening、Changed by wearing quality is good。
But how this is different depending on the store、Change how artisans while watching the State of the server、
If there are fat、Tight little salt or、And try to smear "blood"combination of the belly bones、
And skills is a must。
If our delicious sashimi、Still better Japan restaurant.


Pottery "Mikawa from Red predator Wakasa yaki"

Red size based upon the Wakasa area light soy sauce and sake, juice by fried。
The Red predator in Japan generally known as Nodoklu、
Saying why an alias or with red Predator is "thirsty" "black" or non Gro and named after that、
It is rich on the fat so called "white fatty" fish!

Not flavor、That is characterized by seasonal but are usually 10-fat、
Because fewer catches、And is regarded as a high-quality fish、
There's juicy while white、Guests can enjoy a refined taste and the。

Using the fine warmed in Italy
A thick sauce filled with rice and mushroom flavor.


"Ibaraki from quail grilled.

Quail and using were raised in and around Lake Kasumigaura、
The high-protein, low-calorie, low-fat quail features a、No manners、Richness and resilience gives the satisfaction。
On the side、And the sweet potatoes are sweet and
Fried, cooked in broth that Taro sticky、GMO Internet enjoy the feeling.


Rice "Tobi mushroom rice、Miso soup、Pickles.

The Yamagata Prefecture Japan mushroom salted rice、
Chicken in another stir-fry a drink and、Involved in the soy sauce and sugar from、Are up cooked rice and glutinous rice and mushroom kite。
Natural mushroom with tofu miso soup。
Here is、That would of course homemade bran、Pickled turnip in was awesome!


Sweet "Daigo-see.

KUZU Panna cotta wind。
KUZU stretch in the fresh cream and milk and put on、Panna Cotta with wind of this GE worked with a spatula、
Go-Daigo used juice only look for in satsebeli sauce will。
Puru are going and enjoying the texture and elasticity、
As will nice sweet-and-sour neatly with the mouth.


"Wajima-Nuri"And with talk about vintage and、SuzukiFrom Mr. "There is interesting stuff"And、
The scroll marked with the wedding guests handed 1951 (0/1951) received food menu!
There、Meal 3 days 3 nights held still with a good hand o祖父様。
Anything、Back then、2The second generationSuzukiAnd it's father and stayed four days and made the meal。
When o祖父様 died、Our customers always had me keep、
"I think that you should have one"And so he handed。
"Japanese cuisine Benichi"The precious Scrolls left work Buri from the predecessor and the predecessor。
SuzukiAnd it's there today、
You will say that but because they inherited the intention is the craftsmanship of your grandfather like and your father ♪


In our menu a good hand、"Pork cutlet"To seeLemon' , 'Parsley"It was。
At that time、"Pork cutlet"That was fashionable.


In addition、Who introduce the great vintage、70This year-old "Wajima gozen"。
Giving out Chinkin and mother-of-Pearl inlay technology、Full of helpful to build a delicate。
5From the first customer was a drug wholesaler to be extending our relationship、Before World War II to the new one、
On gozen、Have your family crest。
At that time、In your House、Every night "Japanese cuisine Benichi"The caterers left or was otherwise、
In your home、And then call the potters from Kyushu、Building a kiln in Hamamatsu, and got burnt with home。
Also at that time、Wajima was used actually works!
And our customers "Japanese cuisine Benichi"The great treasure to history now,、Perfectly preserved。
Could be very valuable to show!
SuzukiSan、Thank you very much!
I will come again?!

Japanese cuisine Benichi
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku town relishes 313 -13
Hours of operation:17:30-23:00( L.O.21:30) * Lunch by appointment only
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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