Akasaka "KIEN" Limited set meal provided by the Japanese restaurant of peace that swallow the rest of the wings as return to the nest


Through the business district of Akasaka、Nestled quietly in the alleys of tameike-Sanno Michelin one-star celebrates
Authentic Japan restaurant "KIEN"。
You forget the hustle and bustle of the big city atmosphere outside Garden welcomes you。
Approach to pavement was laid on the gravel and、Awaiting entrance on bamboo cotton curtain。
Place、In just a few minutes walk from tameike-Sanno Station Exit 12、Adjacent to the parking lot of twin towers building。
Provided by the prestigious Japan restaurantLunch only 20 food Japanese set meal ¥ 1600The、
Unable to book、Lined up one win, is a popular excuse me sell off!


Shop "KIEN"、
"This shop to drop by、Hope not oasis of rest to go swallow nest"And、
The hope has been named。


Opening time 11:30The open fit、11:15And also to arrive a little ahead of time、
And columns of people already gathered in front of the shop、
Blink during the 15 minutes from opening 20 food-limited "Japanese"That will be sold with the matrix of。
If、We recommend to visit early!


The number of seats、Counter 7 seats、Table 4 seats、Room table seats 6、Room table seats 4 total 21 seats and became、
During the day、Will Diners。
11:30StartThe meal will be、12:15Up in the arcadesIn a style that、
45MinutesThe lunch and、
12:15From the second rotation and、Will be ready to welcome the next customer。
This time the、1Rotate eye in the shop because it has、20Food-limited "Japanese"The able 有ri付ku。
On this day、13:00More 'ARK Hills"The appointment was for、
It fit in the neighborhood is lunch!


20Food limited Japanese set meal ¥ 1600
(Steamed egg custard、Tuna with Sesame soy sauce、Autumn mackerel Wakasa yaki、Autumn chicken Eggplant sleet-an unfinished、Rookie Koshi Hikari、Miso soup、Pickles)


Autumn chicken Eggplant sleet Hermitage Kake

To fry the Roundhouse chicken fried in Jusici two、The fried eggplant and Leo along with Tang、
The sleet Hermitage is very rich and sweet finish。
Intertwine-an in the cabbage、Entrees are happy giving!


"Autumn mackerel Wakasa yaki"

Wakasa yaki grilled slowly fall into the mackerel skin Wakasa、Plump roasted、
Seasoning with salt is a good salt is white rice。
Served with grated daikon radish and lemon、Happy with your choice.


"Tuna with Sesame soy sauce.

Tuna with Sesame soy sauce to the もったいない as is、Sauce is rich、Advance dinner also tastes。
With spicy Wasabi sauce was also delicious!



Ingredients, lot's of steamed egg custard over the Hermitage will be。
Steamed egg custard base and broth is seasoned with a bit of sweet。
But with sleet Iori and Iori continued、During the colder months almost I lump is one hot body!


See cub Koshi Hikari、Miso soup、Pickles.

Cooked rice stand Koshi Hikari is、Grain and to firmly、But it is good、
Product with lower Bowl was worried about。
If、And you can serve with.。
Is felt in General, including seasoned side dishes、Miso soup is good taste of surprisingly、
Prime office worker who'd like a nice salt。
However, it also、One Michelin star while in the、So feel free to Jacuzzi、
Although limited quantities、1,600CircleAt that price lunch、Good balance "Japanese"That is where you will find!

Address:Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 2-18-8
Hours of operation:March-sat 11:30-14:00( L.O.13:30-、18:00-23:00( L.O.21:00-
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 2-18-8

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