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Speaking of high CP kushiage comb one lunch



Mikata-Cho Hamamatsu North post street running at Hamamatsu industrial high school district、Kushiage drummers retreat behind the seven-eleven opposite the TSUTAYA video rental shop "ASU no Yoichi comb"Mr. to。General this is earlier.、In ZAZA City Center hotel where is Office stores、It was moved here nearly 10 years ago at。


Inside is a modern Japanese atmosphere、Curving counter to me、In the shop has a seat at the table and tatami room, 30 seats so spacious and dishes。10Even though it has been years and restaurant is clean、In fried foods and kitchen is also kept very clean。A general methodical.。The couple has been Palazzo、Staff I also visit, very good service.。Lunch menu、Comb one set 1050 yen for skewer fried deals (fried and eight small dishes, rice, miso soup, pickles and dessert) and fried vegetables in the main a healthy "setsugekka" 1050 yen two types of set。Dinner、"Hana kagari" set brought out the flavor in spice of seafood, meat and vegetables 1575 Yen。For anyone who wants "five colors" full 1890 Yen hua is a little unsatisfactory.、It's a little volume up。Kushi EBI gozen 2415 Yen shrimp served fried of the Center and a variety of flavors。In addition、Fried also better look at Omakase course tempo often spits out skewers of fresh stop until the FRY counter in General deals, trick drinking while eating fried。The chef's choice、Approximately 15 spits about is approximately 2,100 yen。


Today doubles as a meeting and lunch with four。4Order the people both deals make one set 1050 yen。

Menu comb one set has written eight kinds of fried and、General liberally、Always in a spirit of service 10 skewers as it seems。If you look at it everyone was at the height of the CP satisfactory will。In addition to a reasonable、They are serious food、Spared no effort.、Skewer skewers 1 1 can fried them politely。Pork Skewers、Shrimp 2、White fish-shiso roll、Asparagus、Eggplant、Pumpkin、Carrot、Croquettes、Green chili 10 skewers。Pork Skewers、Season the onion sandwich、The sweet taste and melts。新玉の時期を終えると白葱に変わります今日の白魚はキスでした三角の可愛いコロッケも全て自家製です海老串が小振りとはいえ2本というのも嬉しいですね


Kushi katsu sauce "with homemade Tartar、Source、Herb salt "for serving with your choice in the three。





On the set with 'rice'








Available water in the first、In the middle of the meal warm tea is also nice。Volume just marvel at the height of the CP、Food sticking and、黙々とされる大将の丁寧な仕事ぶりそして奥様とスタッフさんのサービスも含めれば申し分ない価格です。Good value for money for lunch.、Shop personally recommended the counter care and course of the evening.

ASU no Yoichi comb
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 109-20
TEL:053-439-6808 Closed on Mondays:Monday、Chapter 1、3On Tuesday
Hours of operation: Lunch 11:30-14:00 Dinner 17:30-21:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 109-20

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