"Japanese restaurant KOBAYASHI " Set meal of fresh seafood is popular in Japanese restaurant operated by ISOYA Dried Fish Shop


In the shopping district of Atami Station "Atami Station Heiwadori shopping district"The in and、
Preserve entrance in front of the fresh fish and swimming to become landmarks "KOBAYASHI"。
Has been serving fresh fish and seafood caught in local waters、
Abalone and mollusks、Spiny lobster、Horse mackerel、Such as red snapper、Can you cook every order enters。
It is recommended、1Days of 20 food "Chirashi sushi dreams」!
This becomes the main menu of this shop、
To eat it、Would be there all the way from afar to visit!
But it's also the most popular、With chef secret miso "Gold Medal sea bream saikyo-stir fry"。
Diet、2And table seating on the floor、
3From third floor 20 persons so until is become available、
-Zen and Japanese kaiseki cuisine is served in a relaxed atmosphere,。
(Reservation Charter marked with *, etc.)
This time、When you dine at the Atami、Announcer known in the foodieMiyagawa ShunjiIs it your when we encourage、
"Atami is not too much detail, so、I will ask my friends in Atami!"And、
MiyagawaIs it of will shop your friend introduced us.

1The floor is "ISOYA Dried Fish Shop"Satellite offices、As well as various types of strings,
"KOBAYASHI"The chef hands making" homemade salted Squid "and sales 'gold medal sea bream saikyo miso"!


2To the floor entrance、There are stairs or elevator。
1Floor "ISOYA Dried Fish Shop"Japanese restaurant began in、Open shop for 18 years。
Opening hours、11:00-20:00Until the order has been through sales、
The shopping street、On the whole17:00Approaching early while many shops will be closed immediately、And relatively late for the help!

The popular dinner menu、Bowl with a "dream chirashi-zushi' 1980 yen (tax included)It is。
1Day and 30 foods limited、Fish and shellfish contain plenty of "Chirashi sushi dreams"。
In the phone book that was only cooking can。(Seats are not allowed)
As soon as the number is gone、End and end up、On this day、I have been sold。
Instead、Another popular menu"SURUGA road seafood platter meal" 2600 yen (tax included)Decided to get.


"Bottled beer (in) 600 Yen

The Ichiban shibori、Born in 1990, by sticking to the home brewed beer、
In the process of wheat juice filtration、Made of Ichiban shibori, using only the wort to beer make most milking process flows in the first。
2-milking a subdued by using any of the wort、
Delivers delicious and refreshing while also feel taste!


Suruga road seafood sampler set includes 2600 Yen

One horse mackerel、Sea bream、Tuna、Greater amberjack、Pickled mackerel with vinegar、Cuttlefish、Octopus、Sardines、Sweet shrimp and、This dish is 1! (Surprise)
That is different from content by purchasing of the day、2,600CircleOf this content in a table d'hote、Location was great。
According to staff "The sashimi teishoku meal (rice、Miso soup、Japanese pickles、Small bowl), is a kind of service"And you had about。
In a stunning lineup for the price、Disagreement is delicious fresh mackerel!


Small bowl "Taro deep fried crab sauce.

The sashimi set、Comes with a daily appetizer。
Hokku cheeks to soften quickly deep fried taro、Okra、Shimeji mushrooms、And served with chestnuts、
On the crab sauce。
Miho was small bowl feel the taste of my mother's tried to lump is ideal seasoning for rice.


"UME jelly fish.、"Pickles"

Bankable sake plum jelly fish。
The pickles、Pickled radish、Carrot、Chinese cabbage is。



Ingredients, lot's of soup and rice cooked with plump。
In filled my stomach as well、Next in line is the wine bar was
Fun pub crawl at Atami Station?!

Address:Peace, Atami, Tahara honcho 3-8 station Street
Hours of operation:11:00-20:30
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Atami city, Tahara honcho 3-8

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