Maisaka port directly from table d'hote "Ofuna' lunch.


Maisaka harbour every day buying on the review material was located in Handa, the fresh fish in natural waters will available in the set menu at a reasonable price "Ofuna"Mr.。


Counter with slightly raised 1-2 can be used、4Name over、And the room is available in the Ballroom on the second floor。New year's Party and farewell、Or is a Japanese shop bins available in banquets and dinner。Day、As the price of a night、Guests can enjoy a meal of fish with about 1000 yen。Because fish recommended by that date、Would be good to check daily Whiteboard specials。


Today's featured conger eel Tempura set ¥ 1,200

Three big conger eel and hearty with shishito pepper。Hanging awry with。Pick your favorite main meal、Small bowl、Steamed egg custard、Rice、Miso soup、Pickles come in a set。


Today's featured the kamassian grilled meal 1,020 Yen

Would you like to take your time? And was told that、Wait I love grilled for some time。Will be tightly squeezed lemon。


Small bowl set with 'kiriboshi daikon radish'


Steamed egg custard with set

Enoki mushroom with shrimp ingredients。Steamed egg custard with Dashi and mirin faintly feel the sweetness.。


On the set with 'rice'


On the set with microformats

Is the trefoil and the nameko Mushroom Red miso soup。


On the set with "Pickles"

Because it was making arrangements for、While in the living room and Nice meeting。Three-way plateau near the daytime and、Shop our Japanese, settled down quite so、And private atmosphere there is and I am happy。

182 -1 Handa, Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City
TEL:053-435-3751Year closed with 7 days a week * several times a year.
Hours of operation 11:00-14:30 17:00To 22:30(22:00L.O)

182 -1 Handa, Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

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