"Sacred House of Fuji" lunch dish with delicate Japan Toyama's rich sea


In Japan is blessed with vast Japan Sea and majestic mountains in Toyama、Incorporating local ingredients、
Where you will find exquisite dishes of Japan "sacred House of Fuji", I。
From the University of Toyama as a drug store near the parking lot premises and bizarre strange place
Solitary and small wooden buildings、The curtain is raised。


Greeted the fifth in a year "Sacred House of Fuji"
Using fresh seasonal ingredients、You can enjoy the tasteful and delicate Japan dishes according to the season、
And there many local fans as well as fans from outside、Buzzing with activity.。


Restaurant is small and、Counter 6 seats、Table 4 seats x 2、Room 4 seats。
Lunch、2500And is available from、Toyama Madame very popular。
Dinner if you book in advance、Please assemble the course according to your budget。
This time for lunch.、At a reasonable price1People 3000 YenIn ask there!


In the back room 1、Private tatami room so you can effectively entertainment。


Shopkeepers stacked long practice in Kyoto and KanazawaFujii KANTOKU.、Offers reliable technology Japan food。
Taste of seasonal culinary specialities。
In front of your eyes、Cooking with fresh ingredients and served、
FujiiAnd it is politely explain about cooking methods and materials。


New potato and shrimp and okra vinaigrette Tachibana

New potatoes and finely shredded、Whipped frosting and the marinated ones, the dashi kombu and bonito with a taste、
Hung one of homemade vinegar salad dressing。
Is a gentle dashi flavor stomach fits in smoothly with ceramic.


"Shrike thing about the bowl of、White shrimp with sauce.

POO as made in the Noto from mozuku、Toyama industrial white shrimp marinated sauce、
Is the Noto industrial water、Stomach become u-I and oozing across the Bowl thing。
The white shrimp in the specialty of Toyama、Increases the flavor and sweetness by。
The stew Bowl took the soup in the restaurant boasts the best kelp and bonito bonito、With a plane using freshly scraped、
Aroma hanging in the opened the lid of the bowl is outstanding!


"New white shrimp topping of onions.

New with roasted onions、
White shrimp out in addition to those onion soup cooked along with bonito and kelp broth, bean。
The white shrimp flavor is a luxury.


The bonito with lots of straw fire walk、On the skin surface is browned and fragrantly bamboos。


"Assorted seasonal dishes.

Crispy straw seared bonito、Moist and soft broth with egg.、Sea bass in wajima、Flavorful green beans with black sesame
Chicken thigh meat baked matsukaze.、Snapper gelatin、Noto from mozuku vinegar and、Eggplant with miso sauce、
Fresh and springy konnyaku Mariya、Tender and flavorful homemade flying dragon, many with shiso rice。
In a basket with assorted lunch box style tastefully presented、
Enjoy perfect little by little in bite-size pieces.


"In this miso soup.

Plus dry kelp soup、Instead of miso soup、Classy green laminated miso soup。
Accent in this scent and myoga is the best!


"Sake cake flavored ice cream served red beans.

Masuo fountain junmai daiginjo PlatinumThe Lees flavor with ice cream、
Noto deficits slow-cooked in a clay pot, served with。
Dessert、Rich、Full-liquor heads nod and a sense of satisfaction.


"Green tea"

Sweet to us making tea one cup at a time。
Green tea a luxurious taste and flavor。
I heart comes the moment!



Return to Hamamatsu from Toyama、A few days later in"mauve" of the owner,Fujii Akihiro TakMr. more、
I received a handwritten thank you letter。
They are open day and night and in your busy schedule、You can do it, not。
Mind our hospitality and your food is natural that while、
As you'd expect、Only have been trained in Kyoto and、Us to sensibly arranged。
FujiiSan、Also slow and Bon appétit!

Sacred House of Fuji
Toyama Prefecture Toyama Gofuku 5388 TEL:076-471-5555
Hours of operation:11:00-13:0018:00To 22:00(L.O.21:30)Closed on Mondays:Monday-3rd Tuesday

Toyama Prefecture Toyama Gofuku 5388

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