Mr. and Mrs. 'culinary arts enjoys till"lovely and happily over the counter drink Association


Looks and runs towards motohama enters the futamata trail from Willow Street "Culinary Arts Shin still"The signs。Established as a new hamaya fish shop in the early Meiji period、Current ownerNagatanien mitsuhiroAnd I, became the 4th Hokage、Beloved people of regulars, are thriving day and night! shop、6 counter seats overlook a kitchen、Table seats 6 x 2、Private 4 seat、At most Japanese and is spacious 20 participants。On the counter-、And the fried fish、Homemade pickled plums and pickled shallots、Additionally lined with seasonal ingredients、Guests can enjoy watching it alone。Originally there had been fresh business from generation to generation、Want delicious fresh fish offered at a reasonable price、Seems that is stocking must be selected in the eyes of your own ingredients。In the evening、Full of fresh sashimi and grilled、Fried foods、Enjoy cooked dishes clean most becomes complete.、Perfect for the 晩酌。Course Omakase kaiseki dishes are also available depending on budget.

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On this day、And you work in the Office of her husband's mobile phone"Now、From there into the enjoys still come! "And 'Round eight real estate group"The architectural Adviser toShuji ItoMr. ikenobo "Ikebana Tanaami"ofProfessor, ikenobo flower headTanaami 3 TOMOYOI have chosen to go for Mr. and Mrs. teacher also had a nice teaser。Tanaami to raw and Mrs. and Mr./Ms. Ito、Shin stillAnd I'm of to neighborhood residents, from、Week paced a few times in the 晩酌 here、Longtime regulars。The other day、Exhibition of ikebana held Dana Web teacher "One step / step meeting"The photo fix had been requested.、To show us there safely on the album done with them who is!


"Draft beer (Yebisu) ' 480 yen and non-alcoholic beer (Kirin free) 380 Yen

Unfortunately once again mobilized in the two-seater Alfa Spider baby was acting 呼bezu、My driver to meet Nomar beer you are、So he put in here the same beer glasses、Feeling as if we have beer or non are delicious! (Become a mood was very glad:Lol) realize that is thriving because the shop is such an attentive!


Appetizer simmered with crushed shellsShellfish sweetness Braised flavor oozing in!

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Sake changshan shunka singing Guide

The "book of changshan shunka singing"、60% Milled the Hyogo Prefecture, Yamada Nishiki built stuff is a limited edition shipping wine in summer。Elegant and glamorous fragrance、On the palate and light blend in、Can feel a sweet and mellow and your throat taste。Nagatanien's is recommend taste and refreshing summer drink!

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Bonito sashimi

We have them both and peeled off the skin with very greasy with bonito sashimi and。Basics、Is a favorite with bonito。Grated will attack with garlic kick and come enjoy!

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See Eggplant 煮浸shi"Stew Eggplant with tender sweet thickened to taste。Served with okra。Want to have dinner and taste!

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"Deep fried white prawns"Husband's family of products、White shrimp。I feel as if in a fried savory fancy sweet!

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"Pacific saury Saute'

Sanma (saury) start out slowly、Is this year's first fruits。So firmly are grilled in charcoal、Ossicular chain would still be delicious。Let's squeeze squeeze lemon.


Sake "unfiltered Phoenix mitazono junmai ginjo ecological"

100% domestically produced rice is using junmai ginjo sake。Charcoal tonal adjustments, such as not in the unfiltered、Is a luxury spared no effort, and carefully stir the drink。Is unfortunately cannot be mass-produced for the hand-crafted、But the added flavor、Ornate standing aroma like Muscat and includes incense、Mellow and soft and sweet taste.


'Goby Tempura'

Fresh goby Tempura in rice wine。A good combination so unlikely。In the mouth holo taste of unique texture to Jolo and goby、Happy as a little green tea salt。Served with Tempura of Goya.


"Don tatami鰯"

And tatami鰯、Anchovy FRY washes.、Raw or boiled once、NET eye 葭簀 (with Reed screen) or crates in ecchu dried and、Food processing thin plate (net)。Paris crispy texture is characterized by、The also good、Broil too!、You put rice on too good of triple time。Zu sauce and condiments to rice fits better!


"Sea bream miso rice in broth"

Nagatanien's father's have been making much more flavor、Sea-bream miso。Reduced sea-bream miso flavor to enjoy himself、With a Japanese-style broth to rice & porridge topping。I drank at the last of the Cup is best! The Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Ito、It is married, has been another 25 years together。So while maintaining good distance、Is husband and wife together always together to go out to eat、Exactly what are the ideals。Our it forever, get along like a wild hope。Mr./Ms. Ito、Tanaami teacher、Nagatanien's、Again a treat we did!

Culinary Arts Shin still
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Nakazawa-Cho 67-12 TEL:053-522-8789
Hours of operation 11:00-14:00 17:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Holidays、3rd Monday

67 -12 Nakazawa-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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