See seasonal cuisine Magnus' Shizuoka summer stamina supplement with steudel Shabu Shabu!


From Hamamatsu station、FOOD Subaru, located just a few minutes walk from the Act building 2nd floor located "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"Mr. a、"Cooking fresh ingredients of the season"Is the owner of creed。The shopkeeperTetsuo OuchiMr. a、He was long serving chef Yamazato Okura Hotel Hamamatsu。In that provided the real food inedible decorations without sticking Buri、Summer hamo horsetail cuisine、Natural eel、Natural darkness in autumn、Winter natural fugu (Blowfish).、Expert in natural things of the season cuisine。On this day、Is taking requests for new stores.、Will be meeting for dinner.


In the shop、And be able to counter the shopkeeper Ouchi's knife Sabaki、Beautiful aerial work platforms、You can get a glimpse up。Ouchi's regulars who loved。Also meet familiar conversation、May also enjoy this shop!


See the-premium-malt masters dream (small).

First of all is a toast with beer! Recently declined to the extreme beer.、Summer after first bite we quenched our mouths with beer is what。With grbac just a bite so I asked with a small glass cup。And after、Sweet potato shouchu do haven't!


Assorted sashimi.

Devil Scorpion fish、Tuna、Sweet shrimp、Snapper seaweed 〆、Ark shell clam、蝦蛄、Whats your Jazz Cinco this day special sashimi。A classy sweet Devil Scorpion fish and amazing resilience! This texture is likely be addictive。Even the sea bream was classy finish in kelp、Cinco 〆ta with vinegar is great! Well basics、Candid white and shells are extremely fond of us。Few occasions be quite at home in this way good fresh sashimi.、Is a very valuable sashimi platter.


Vegetable Shabu Shabu

Maine today "Shizuoka grows"The Shabu Shabu。Vegetables、Big chunky mushroom in rich scallion、Was and serris。It is only Mr./Ms. Ouchi's delicious hot pot even in summer!


Tofu Shabu ShabuWe cannot miss healthy tofu。


' Shizuoka steudel Shabu Shabu '

Beef "Shizuoka grows"The、Only health and pedigree beef cow have been carefully。Brand cows are bred, are limited to the Gotemba in Shizuoka Prefecture global warming and natural beef of a great, Fuji, Shimada, Hamamatsu and Kosai。The Shizuoka and thick slice fine marbled beef breeding a little sense of everything to eat in front of the Shabu Shabu, luxury!


When the soup from the shiitake mushroom and scallion、Shizuoka steudel lightly several times a Shabu Shabu the!


Spicy leaves Ponzu sauce with grated daikon and onion and put in the broth a bit thin、So much remains Pink's Shizuoka will freshen up and breeding。Fine texture、Doughy good meat quality、The softness of the teeth are not required, however much。Nor can enjoy tasteful and rich taste.


Inaniwa Udon

The last of、Udon noodles with soup 染mi渡tta soup。Better in the Udon noodles in your throat。Japan three in Udon、Sanuki Udon、Inaniwa Udon、And the other day、Mizusawa udon was Junko。None feature and each delicious.、Inaniwa Udon、And while most thin、Other noodles and not rendering on transparency、Vine, and the finish characterized by its smooth texture is perfect.


Hamakita mango

This time the、Mango last Miyazaki mango, not made of hamakita。Hamakita mango、So not only two farmers who are among the hamakita、But as Miyazaki and a rich taste、Representing the hamakita click here valuable enough to taste high-quality fruit.


Plum jelly

4L sizePlumSoft boiled、Make jelly juice extracted in。Fleshy plum、And melted as sukueru with a spoon、Adults alcohol feels slightly less sweet desserts。The finish is the 1 you want you can come。Even to this day、You could spend a fun, lavish dinner while you relish delicious sake! Mr. Ouchi、Feast we did!

Seasonal cooking Ouchi
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672 FOOD Subaru Bldg. 2F TEL:053-452-8600
Hours of operation:17:30To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672

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