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Looks and runs towards motohama enters the futamata trail from Willow Street "Culinary Arts Shin still"The signs。Established as a new hamaya fish shop in the early Meiji period、Current ownerNagatanien mitsuhiroMr. in the4Second generationNext、Beloved people of regulars, are thriving day and night。 Shop、6 counter seats overlook a kitchen、Table seats 6 x 2、Table cell 4 seats、Hori kotatsu style parlor is spacious 20, up to。On the counter-、And the fried fish、Homemade pickled plums and pickled shallots、In addition to order ingredients、Guests can enjoy watching it alone。Originally there had been fresh business from generation to generation、Want delicious fresh fish offered at a reasonable price、Seems that is stocking must be selected in the eyes of your own ingredients。In such culinary Shin still、Lunch dailyWhat800CircleAnd at the very best prices available。Regulars of the familiar and beloved、Many haunted every day by day?。This also、The lunch (main dish、Side dish (2 kinds)、Rice、Miso soup、Pickles) ordered 800 yen.


Nagatanien's owner heard the story.、Last post. "Park View Yotsuike"In that previously it was your friend、That was going to play well in。Still seems well carried to 四tsu池 Park、It's really fantastic! Whats up with your compliments! Old、Story of turning 四tsu池 rapeseed oil mill, was built when nagatanien's、So often listened to the predecessor、Predecessor rapeseed oil there at the store purchase is or was so。Please rim and come from I stumbled across this really is!


Daily lunch-800 yen

The lunch of the day、Katsuo tataki was set.、あまりに大盛況で13時を回る頃には既にカツオが終わってしまったとのことその代わりにマグロのタタキで提供してくれましたオーダーが入ってから炙ってくれるので炙りたては香りも良く、And serve with horse-radish and onion sprinkled with plenty of.


Lunch bowls "tuna cooked.

Tuna, shrimp, sweet dish。This dish goes really is!


Daily special appetizer "Eggplant、Bitter gourd、Zucchini Tempura.




ご飯の盛りも良く大きなしじみの味噌汁は優しい甘さでぬか漬けは程好い塩加減でどれを取ってもどこかホッとする日替わり定食。1皿1皿づつ丁寧に準備されるバランスの取れた和定食、It is recommended。仕事が落ち着いたら夜にゆっくり伺いたいと思っています♪

Culinary Arts Shin still
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Nakazawa-Cho 67-12 TEL:053-522-8789
Hours of operation 11:00-14:00 17:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Holidays、3rd Monday

67 -12 Nakazawa-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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