Makinohara parents ' dining peak ' at temperature and cold handmade soba noodles and rice bowl full!


Along Route No. 150 of makinohara、Shizunami seashore entrance intersection angle、"Near" is shaking up Orange hand-dyed noren、Soba and eel、Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy a meal "Ministry of food Bong"There。To tell the truth here.、In my parents ' home。We opened his parents at an early age from、We celebrated 37 years thanks to local patrons and customers travelling as early as。Now the 65-year-old father is、And a younger brother to succeed、The small and family-I wanted to make.。


Shop、In the father's younger brother has undergone a renewal of several times thanks to Carpenter's uncle、Provides the warmth of wooden space also felt the article。Counter seat 6 seat.、Tatami Room 4 people x 3、Because it is possible up to 20 or so back parlor is connected between the two also various banquet inquiries。On this day、On the way home to Hamamatsu Shizuoka、Parents face to face to my parents ' House to drop will be dinner.


"Plum oroshi soba (cold)" ¥ 950

Sunday night there?、Many us families、Good sales of buckwheat、It seems it was last。Pickled and served with plum sauce、Large leaf、Seaweed、Horse-radish、It is beaten with grated fresh juice cold Soba。On the hottest day of the summer is very popular menu、On this day、Perhaps tired of walking through the streets of Shizuoka in going out for a long time、Order here and wanted to freshen up and mouth。Mix grated well from a plum and you intersect it with buckwheat、Can you light calorie Vermont but have no appetite,。Japanese buckwheat's peak is 2014 than strive for improved quality, changing。Than ever before to felt、Sounds even better in your throat!


Don pickle (small) 500 yen

Lean meats and pickled、Small bowl and also served with wasabi soy sauce。Noodles more than anything and dinner party, I glad this small bowl。As the lunch menu、Also has a small bowl of Soba set menu ¥ 980、This is very popular.


"Buckwheat noodle with chicken' 900 yen

Is the hot Soba with 染mi渡ra soup, chicken broth。Together when you were sweet white onions and tender chicken stomach most getting lumps will be。And cold Soba soup is the difference、When you juice because you feel the gentle sweetness of is also a fun。Soba and divide by your choice, and enjoy!


"Grilled BBQ pork rice bowl (small)" 500 yen

Chunks of pork belly simmered slowly embedded with one's previously drip to the finishing touches of tender marinated pork flavor are a plus。The sauce、Use the original secret eel sauce to red wine, with improved。The waft of spicy pork、More tidbits、Pouring out juice in the mouth。But of course goes well with rice、Is a popular liquor on individual snack menu as well.


Pickled Chinese cabbage and cucumbers "Pickles"。

On this day、The time I had arrived late、Was unable to take it、Wearing full face my parents and my brother are working hard to see and breathe。So I wanted to give dyed hair my mother、Also, want to help you make time to think。My mother with me and loves to chat! It must be something I'm sure more things to talk about a Cup... and、Transit、That really hurts you just can't stay here in the near、Know that joy back home but arrived at a crossroads。A Hayachine-San、Located along Route No. 150 and very easy to understand because、Shizunami Beach, Shizuoka airport、Near to travelers to do by all means visit it!

Ministry of food Bong
Makinohara-Shi Jing-Bo 2276-2 TEL:0548-22-1886
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、On Tuesday

Makinohara-Shi Jing-Bo 2276 -2

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