Kansai-style charcoal grilled eel ' foobar taro corbiculids mounds store ' in the eel stuff oneself in luxury


Look、In these places the eel shop? Spin-offs like side streets, residential charcoal eel "Kannagi taro corbiculids mounds store"Mr.。This restaurant is 2 號舖 corbiculids mound branch and IIDA branch and、IIDA stores launched the first owner becomes the sister store、In 1976, was opened。Already nearly 40 years what is a specialty eels picks through the years, it had been。Here is、Is provided in the Kansai-style charcoal、Hear your order from、Domestic eels live in the water, it deals、And then cooked in the belly open, charcoal and toasted.。As a result、We recommend slightly have the spare time to visit!


Feels the warmth of wood、Interior reminiscent of nostalgic、Wooden counter 4 seats、Enclosed hearth tables sit about 8 people?。If you put a cell in all 20 seats so spacious shop。Can you see through the glass kitchen、On the chopping block at Sabaki eel、After the Impaler、Alarmed even the appearance going up slowly cooked on charcoal、While waiting for the savory flavor filled up to the restaurant tempt and gouge。On this day、Round eight real estate President day-and IAlong with when I went to shoot video in the Yamate district、Now that is exactly between the lunch and come to you!


'The Don' 2,450 Yen

The charcoal-fired strongly、Far-infrared radiation generated during combustion and penetrate to the core of the eel、Eel flavor out.。In addition、Compared to ordinary charcoal is charcoal, contains less moisture、 Since water vapor is useless、Succulently grilled eel with crispy and crunchy。The eel fat and sauce onto the red-hot coals's、Smoke rose, it was scorched on the eel Kabayaki savory is。Charcoal grilled eel、That and the remains of three times the one baked in a gas fire。The sauce、Hardening additive-free, naturally brewed soy sauce by using owner made in。 The sweet sauce is thickened、Shine on the rice becomes glossy、Increasingly fragrant.


Liver of eel eel liver soup、Komaki ricebran、W/ yuzu in the trefoil and the eel liver。


Cold tofu served as the "miso" two sizes is ginger.、Green onions、With States, topped with bonito and soy sauce.。


Radish "Pickles" pickles and cucumber。

Midsummer oxThe、To tell the truth in seasonal.、This year 2014 Winter midsummer ox、In relation to the calendar118, ( 1 ox ) and 1/30 ( 2 ox )The 2 times。The eel、Includes rich vitamin as good exhaustion prevention、In the summer of it makes sense.。And winter is melting fat so tasty! Because it would be、In addition to the summer、Our initiative in the winter?。On this day、Become a snowy white in Tokyo、It was chilly in the Hamamatsu not until snow and rain in 1 day。We have great stamina in the delicious eel on a roll of fat、I think preserving the physical fitness, with careful health management.

Kannagi taro corbiculids mounds store
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku shijimizuka 2-2-2 TEL:053-455-8823
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 17:00-21:00Closed on Mondays:Sunday

2-2-2, shijimizuka, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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