"Seasonal cooking Ouchi" winter course "saga beef Shabu-Shabu" dinner party


From Hamamatsu station、Located on second floor FOOD Subaru, located just a few minutes walk from the Act of "seasonal food Magnus", it is、Owner credo is "cooking fresh ingredients of the season"。In that provided the real food inedible decorations without sticking Buri、Open kitchen counter before the audience sees Cook's hand and moves to regular customers who appreciate。Summer hamo horsetail cuisine、Natural eel、Natural darkness in autumn、Winter natural fugu (Blowfish).、Expert in natural things of the season cuisine。On this day、Y he yearns to my brother's old during a business trip far away from half-hour to Hamamatsu、Because it gave me the face、From the train station so decided to enjoy a dinner together at near Ouchi's!


"The Premium Malt Masters Dream"

Know the joy of being reunited after a long while、K, a colleague of Mr. Y, during the trip are together in、Cheers is four people, including her husband.


Appetizers "bean curd、By Kai、Leek、Saba sushi.

Mild thickened bean curd、By eating of shellfish、Whipped cream mixture、〆Ta classy mackerel sushi、None will be delicious!


Sashimi "tuna、Red diaper、Halfbeak、Cockles、Sea Urchin、Rape blossoms.

Sashimi tuna and Red mutsu is the homemade sauce and green pepper、Halfbeak、Cockles are enjoying rich fragrance of seaweed and soy sauce。Sea Urchin is lightly with salt that tastes elegant and intense sweetness.


"Shabu-shabu of Saga cow"

This day was very cold, so we recommend the pot!。Because the sauces "shabu" or "Sukiyaki"、Order "Shabu Shabu"。Enjoy the rich, fleshy saga beef、It is fine!


"Shabu-shabu of ingredients"


Sauce is Ponzu and sesame seeds two who served me and、Helpful us magistrate pot Lady。Saga beef moderately colored slightly and quickly passing soup.、Very fat lighter straight tongue familiar sweet accents.


And after enjoying saga beef、Shiitake mushroom、White onion、Spring、Sendai ricebran, enjoy!


To finish in the saga beef and vegetable soup 染mi渡tta soup Udon noodles。Inaniwa Udon、As well as firmness of noodles、Other noodles and not rendering on transparency、Vine, and is characterized by its smooth texture.


"Royal Household"

And the Royal household、In the word itself fittingly British Royal family、As always like the Royal British (Scottish)、Multitude of whisky and Royal Crown、The Whiskey thing about "British Royal family" and the eponymous、After previously does not exist this one only。45 kinds of blends and used too much malt and grain malts、But in none more yorisugutta special malts、Very well balanced flavor characteristics、Enjoy the stately elegance.


Sweet "zenzai/black beans、Green tea ice cream.

Finish of sweet、Zenzai classy/black bean and green tea ice cream。In a kind of black soybean、Native soy in Tohoku district。So there are recesses, such as eating waterfowls、Also referred to as 雁食 (gunky) beans。Fragrance and flavor I enjoy darker beans are。After enjoying a meal、Y氏たっての希望で夜の街へと繰り出すことにしました(笑)浜松の街を案内しながらお次のお店へLet’s Go!

Seasonal cooking Ouchi
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672 FOOD Subaru Bldg. 2F TEL:053-452-8600
Hours of operation:17:30To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672

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