2014 year、A happy new year! Big appearance of the new year holidays early!


Along Route No. 150 of makinohara、Shizunami seashore entrance intersection angle、"Near" is shaking up Orange hand-dyed noren、Soba and eel、Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy a meal "Ministry of food Bong"There。To tell the truth here.、In my parents ' home。And as shown in the previous article、The end of the year every year at the annual married couple Soro, and home、Soba is helping you。My play new year's Eve in La、2014 could be a peaceful new year new year's day.。


Taste the calm after the storm on new year's Eve what a calm morning。Get it in the morning and catch the sunrise time、Is a tired body squeaky baribalimisimisi and tataki起kosu forced (haha) but what happened that、You want to taste the atmosphere of the new year's day alone with my mother and have simple food preparation in the two。In ancient times、New year's osechi nitpicking makes a good cook paternal grandmother and grandfather are found、That my grandmother passed away from a now out of time to prepare the food of the busy year-end holiday home with firmly the pastern making did not。Is still out of form alone greet family in cheek was a stiff new year's morning was not fun is!


NABE in rice cake soup。As every year on new year's day staple staple in and dunked in his parents。Only Japanese restaurant、Scent of rice cake soup of dried bonito bonito broth based upon the best、Rice cakes like my favorite! Even though 1 in、2Once I eat or not to eat the rice cake soup、Feel the taste of my mother's。While new year's day holiday in spend with family、My mother's white hair dye、Father and innocent drinker not fairy tales、Filial piety can usually hardly time to spend thinking.、In the same time。In the evening、Banquet was popular "chicken grilled chicken like" family with a wrap、Anyway happy new year holidays early warm time has past, but happy new year open。Because the holidays are always parents closed the family business 3 days、We have planned back to Hamamatsu finished the big new year's day.、Listen to 2 days of holidays this year、Concerned about bad legs haha、Decided to have one more night stand store two days。Regardless of if you want to spend new year's holiday、Really grateful to her husband such as my chance, who work hard together to face a nasty one!


Then on day 2 business days、The son of my aunt's cousin "do I" that I introduce you from 峯野, y. brother、Yoshida from the next town that is baseball Giants Yasunari Takagi (taかgiyasunari) pitchers (31 years old)、Family, was enjoying your meal! (Surprised) really store out、Will visit again and again with prominent artists since ancient times thankfully so、My daughter is soon rewarded its benefits! As I imagined (my joy) high tree pitcher、Very family-oriented is the gentle omnipotent,、Your wife is your beautiful people dressed is also caused、It was a very nice way! And was very pleasant moments spent in the cute little angels and gentle father and family togetherness。Soba and sashimi、Dry shrimp Tempura and Tempura platter、Chicken grilled chicken is entertaining, like ' they are so delicious! "And gladly we welcome back!

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And surprise gifts more、Uniforms that, way back when Takagi pitcher had with himself actually was put as a souvenir! (Confirmed on your person for permission) as this woman in business ya can get the edge's daughter I am really happy! Wishing to share a great time with lots of happy new year、Family and fun along with health、And want to make your spiritual life and thoughts are! Japanese restaurant in my parents ' House this year "dining peaks."、Our WEB Magazine lade please thank you!

Ministry of food Bong
Makinohara-Shi Jing-Bo 2276-2 TEL:0548-22-1886
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、On Tuesday

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