Japanese popular Hert salaried man's daily lunch special "taste Kinoshita


In the aerobic Music City had been in business 20 years 'Taste wood under kishita"Mr.、2003In April, transferred to tamachi, renewed and、Ten years earlier.。Also transferred stores food and price range、And continues and offers warm atmosphere is of course the easy-to-care space.


Shop、Crowded with Office workers 8 counter seats、Table 15 seats、Seats in the balcony on the second floor can be used in the Charter is 30 seats.、3Has become a 貸切reru in small groups, such as families and relatives upstairs to 12 seats or so relaxing and private。Mr./Ms. Kinoshita Tang bar image.、But lunchtime is very popular。The reasons for its popularity、In a reasonably-priced daily lunch of the rich assortment、And would the volume。Choose from 5 main is the special of the day ¥ 800、In addition to swine Net Ware heavy 800 yen or、Provides 900 yen sashimi and grilled fish set meal ¥ 700。We also ordered the daily lunch special deals!


Special nigth Tempura ¥ 800

Fried fresh tempura is Argentina's two、Purple sweet potato 2、Two green chili.。If the original hanging distortions come out、Because the Tempura was like salt in、He asked instead of salt。Argentina plump fried、The outside crispy、It is delicious, fluffy on the inside.


Daily lunch special "tuna Focke pottery ' 800 yen

About Toro's fat with a Focke Wulf、Great body and thick、In a good 焼kiagatte.。Too salty as Suns and is the side dishes go well with rice.


Appetizer is a "leaf of Leek" Toro Focke Wulf lunch bowls。Simple but very nice leafy and fqm。



Tempura dinner in Argentina has been with。It seems instead of boiled Spinach Salad。Bamboo shoots, spinach、And gingko trees and furniture stuff boiled fish paste、Good balance and the broth is delicious!


Small bowl 2 "Taro mushroom sauce boil over"

And in the large taro with if、Fatty's is not soggy soft braised and、Season while I am happy with the mushroom sauce.


'Rice' big bowl so will glad volume of men!


And "miso soup" spinach, wakame seaweed and tofu and Mushroom Red。


"Pickles" Takuan。

Handwriting on the Strip and at the counter seats、But would have swallowed raw spittle Gollum and I would want the beer assortment、Feel free to stop by at night, while at the counter drinking and General fun talking shop.

Taste wood under kishita
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 324-24 TEL:053-456-2374
Hours of operation:11:30-13:30 17:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 324-24

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