Ministry of eel with sake "such positive" of course tailoring to enjoy


The eel restaurant of the founding Showa era located along The Reren-dori Street in Mikahara-choNomasa"Mr.。Now、Masaki Ito, the son of the former son, succeeded、It becomes the second generation shopkeeper and the family business is。be considered a phantom eel100% pure domestic Oigawa kyosui eel is offered.、It is an eel place that is taken up in each media and there are a lot of people who come to the enjoyment from outside the prefecture♪


Shop、Table 8 seats、Seating room (4 people between 6 tatami mats x 2)、8It has become 4 people × 3) between tatami mats、All rooms are non-smoking。It's a little rain on this day.、Within walking distance of my home、I visited Mr. Nomasa♪


It is said that there were a lot of people who waited for the completed by "Sake" and "Incense thing" which entered the new year season because "Eel shop" took time to bake for a long time.。From the owner's desire to cherish such good times、Including local sake in Shizuoka、Because the owner's favorite specialty local sake is prepared、Taste of your choice、How to drink、Room temperature、Paint 燗、I will choose a good one when I tell you the hot sake♪


I got a recommendation from the owner of "Hot Sake"。It is dry and it is easy to drink, but the taste of ripening spreads.、You can also feel the drinking response♪


Hand-made nuka漬 origin 950 Yen

Since opening、An important dish that is handed down from generation to generation by the homemade or floor of the fitting。It has a refined taste that you can feel the taste of vegetables with a moderate salt♪


"Eel Blowfish.

I ordered eel bone crackers.、It seems to have been out of stock of hate.、He served me at the service.。The smell of sansho with a very elegant smile stands fluffy, and it is a dish which is glad to rely on sake♪


"Kyosui Eel Liver Grill" 700 yen Crispy and fragrant liver grilled。There is no reason why the bitterness of the liver and the richness of the sauce do not match the sake♪



The fins、There is a part of gelatin, too and it is a dish which is glad for the woman with plenty of collagen.。You can take this one with coarse radish grated and ponzu♪


Like bean curd appetizer of "bean curd" tastefully tasty will squash a thick cream sauce!


"Wed eel like heavy ' $ 3750

I put one eel on the joint water.、The most popular noe weight of Mr. Nomasa。The Co-Water Eel of the Oi River、Kyosui Co., Ltd. in Yaizu City considers the original taste of eel to be the first、It is an eel which researches the quality and cultivates it.。To grow healthy and delicious、There is a limit to the number of breeding tails、It is a brand eel which can be tasted only in 30 eel stores in the whole country.。I feel a little small.、Because it is raised as a smart eel of a fine meat like a natural eel。a nutritious eel that contains many such as DHA and EPA that are good for the human body、It has a natural eel-like aroma and sweetness、Nutritious fat accounts for more than 25% of body tissue.。The eel is cut into small pieces beforehand.、It is easy to eat.。Sauce is not sweet, not spicy, with elegant soy sauce.、From Showa 23, Hamakita and Tominaga Brewery used the accumulated soy sauce exclusively for Mr. Sinuna Masa.。It's also good to enjoy the aroma with freshly fresh lye.、It is also good to have you put together fresh wasabi grated。A different taste spreads♪


Set of noe heavy "Nuzuke"

1I'm going to go out for a good time.、Because the pickled one of this place is really elegant、Perori ♪ together as sorted as before


The set of the weight of the cancer "liver sucking" ※ liver can be added at an additional charge。


"Arito Honwasabi"300Circle

Shizuoka is Aritoki、Use of this wasabi, which is born with no pesticides in the birthplace of wasabi.。The fragrance and the sweetness of the vegetable with a lot of refreshing feeling because it is honwasabi、Take it down as much as you like.、You can enjoy wasabi full of freshness♪


Noenheavy Dessert "Soy Milk and Brown Rice Tea With Soy Milk With Black Honey and Three-Day Orange Sauce"

Start with the first、Sucking、The weight of the course tailoring that comes to sweetness is the weight of The Nomasa's、Not only eels、It is a shop that you can enjoy including the equipment and such offer methods and productions♪

467-4 Mikamihara-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City TEL:053-437-3451
Hours of operation:11:00-14:30、17:00-19:30(LO)Closed on Mondays:Wednesday (twice a month)

467-4, Mihara-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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