Founding tribute konnyaku boasts a history of 150 years of 0/1854 ' healing and punished by h. s. Yoshida miyamae dengaku ' of konnyaku kaiseki


Everyone is、Healing, do you know that Office? Your healing and Ministry、Old Japanese with thanks and wish each season, and visit the shrine、Part of life and has been awarded the will of God。And say "nor" end of important visits and return to normal、After celebrations at the shrine is in the "luncheon"。Click here "Heal you by h. s. Yoshida miyamae dengaku"Mr. so、As people who were visiting the oguni shrine offer your healing place、Last year was opened in 2012。Founded by 0/1854 founder founder Hisashi yonekichi、Started making konyaku in the enshū-Mori、Since、First Kume Yoshida traditional techniques is passed from generation to generation、Now coming to the 5th generation、Mr. Shozo kurashima 5th generation family head、Since its founding 150 years between、Taste more than towards konjac Kume's forest land is cultivated and the jiggler、Appreciation to the grace of the fertile land of Mori-machi、One of the achievements new "healing your Office" seems to want to take advantage of this and hope that.


Front door curtain、First followed by the cobblestone entrance。In his right hand slightly raised off the footwear、To the shop。


Shop、Charming and reproduce the Japan traditional House、Hearth and vaulted ceilings can be found。Spacious, lost partition、Feel the warmth of the tree full of drifting!


The views from the large Windows、While love of beautiful Japanese bamboo forest、Delicious konnyaku kaiseki was 焙ら in front of the charcoal that is possible!


Okunitama-like image oguni gods enshrined in the margin are okunitama-like wood carvings。Best wishes for those who come for wishes、Is Hokusai Bong owner.


This is a private table seats about 6 people are available.。We here at miyamae dengaku menu No.1 popular menu mizuhiki kin (gold mizuhiki) will be ¥ 2500.


Bincho charcoal flame and a stable temperature in front of the set, to me is a warm air。Coal temperature is 600 ° C-closer look at 700 ° C because it is dangerous。It flows slowly soothing relief and calm mind: light charcoal is somewhere.


Ceramic "konnyaku somen" bubble with goodness in your throat that may、Elasticity of the Arum root though staking a dip 1。


Konnyaku salad

Slice the Arum root ball wearing a yuzu citrus flavor and was topped with salad。If you like, will be in a miso dressing or balsamic vinaigrette.


The next lady、While around the charcoal painting special miso will set the skewers。For the beef、Is giving only the salt plain.


Konnyaku dishes dengaku

Konnyaku、Fresh local vegetables、Tofu、Four of Miyazaki beef。(Contents of the * spit、Depending on the season and day)


Skewers are approximately one side five minutes more、Watch Chambers and quietly waiting for、Spend the time of Nakane and his wife and a chat!


Surface of miso and 焙ra in charcoal serves、Small serves freshly sounds good、Increase the color desired flavor。The konnyaku, seems okay at times becomes so students can eat warm.




"Rice、Seasonal soup、Pickles ' soup、Ingredients in the soup of corn of the season is now!


Dessert of the day 'milk agar and fruit

Puru's and was the bouncy milk agar、Was wondering in the desert containing konjac healthy.、This fascination、Apparently not here?。However,、"Also devised a try! "And very pleasant staff。Is a calorie of konnyaku、What women want to diet and are happy。However,、Konnyaku flavorful thanks to 焙ri with plenty of resilience and bincho charcoal too much light in the savory flavor of the miso without could enjoy delicious and healthy meals。After enjoying a meal、Retail outlet located next door "Kume Yoshida"Is it to let me disturb you!

Heal you by h. s. Yoshida miyamae dengaku
Shizuoka Prefecture, Mori Ichinomiya 3843-7 TEL:0538-89-0033
Hours of operation:11:00-17:00、18:00-(Reservation required)

3843 -7 Ichinomiya minamimori-machi, Shizuoka

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