Tavern "beauty Bowl" Hamamatsu red bean rice cake in with the Sports Club Party!

Working at sports club within walking distance from my home early during half a year!

Four days a week at same time when going to、Go with the faces of all our members will have time and、Light relationship of exchanging greetings from the beginning.、Now that all、Up as gossip while trained body can be fun!

During such、Especially good when you talk to our uncle who invited me so "party once a month.、12We joined the party of the month!

The meeting place、Tavern located behind the red bean rice cake Shizuoka Bank "Beauty Bowl(Lake Biwa I) ' to!
It is also engaged in this pub landlady Harumi really the same sports club membership!

In the calm of a small restaurant like、Shops had been previously。
Shop became a space filled with the warmth of wood、Respectable in the beams of the ceiling、Please click here Carpenter of Hida-Takayama and、Have a traditional touch!

On top of the counter seats、A taste of hand-written menu and sort、One intriguing look at how to get started.

And to toast with "beer"、The appetizer、Holo holo and mouth melt and become smooth "simmered beef sinew"、Yuzu sparked appetite、Insulate the 御汁 radish is also delicious!

"Sashimi platter.、Unlike the contents depending on purchase of the day、On this day、Tuna, skipjack tuna、Flounder、Yellowtail served! Shochu's by the bottle for "aka Kirishima"、Lock、Hot water、And the rocks in each drink lovers。

Cross over the years.、There have been trained at the Sports Club daily、60Teen-bulked so don't feel the age of 70s still treasured them! Do not feel absolutely win in all physical energy (lol) and strong drinks、Oh the bottle is emptied during the、To the sake!

Is fried chicken by the first light of my favorite sting was in the fluffy and delicious bone to、The unbearable sweetness of the vegetable "Hamamatsu dumplings"、Native to three hot hoc hoc "not butter.、A hearty "skewers and" and more、Last 〆 the 飛bi付ki Tavern, unusual menu and order clams pasta!

Drank, ate、I would also want to digest and gossip at the Sports Club. °(° No! '.)°. Lol

Harumi's landlady affectionately, make weekly、What can wake beautiful Bowl! Surprisingly little information is、Discovered the tavern of off the beaten path!

Beautiful Bowl (biwann)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean rice cake 1-7-15
Hours of operation:17:00-23:00When I
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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