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ABURI DINING OAZY and AJI sogawa shop flush of fresh sashimi in Toyama and seasonal seafood Tavern dining



Located in Toyama sogawa (sougawa) shopping arcade alley pub Street "ABURI DINING OAZY and AJI sogawa shop"Mr. a、Become a head "酒菜 House and horse mackerel sogawa shop"Of the located next to、Toyama fresh the seafood ingredients, such as fish featuring izakaya dining。6. the Toyama、And in the 7/17/2013、Into the Tokyo Shinbashi、New and open、Many stores have been expanded popular stores。On the first day arrived in Toyama、In companion to attend the Alumni Association of the school of approximately 20 years、Between several dining next to reach you.、I、Is a drink dinner served with sister-in-law gave out buy driver rie-CHAN!


It may contain o-Bon holiday weekend night is buzzing、Interior is almost fully booked and in the State.、I could bother you to counter。One of our staff we are、You can hear many young and dashing good cheer!


Sister-in-law rie-CHAN、3Good enough mother of style、Very cute girl。Extremely self-centered nature of possible roles brothers I like debate and Buri while、For me I am her brother could be a very good time (laughs)、The existence of a sister-in-law、Really glad!


"Asahi super dry beer" 500 yen

First of all, happy beer。This day was hot, so 1 eye is very happy!


Hemp Auntie style 'appetizer' cucumber。With beer on a nice appetizer, spicy。


"Koume clams simmered with" 500 yen

Rie-CHAN's favorite.、I order next to the。Toyama's best drinking?。Was 煮付ke to give food texture and sweet taste is delicious!


"Sashimi platter two" 1500 Yen

Fukuraghi (children of Britney)、Red sea bream、Fresh octopus mixed、The STRO (swordfish)、White shrimp (jewelry of Toyama Bay)、Many contents with 梅貝、None 漁re fresh fish。Sweet also has、Puritsu and flexible、Fat also is moderately on a roll。Especially white shrimp、It is absolutely want to eat when you come to the Toyama.


"Two overnight-dried sandfish" 500 yen

Sandfish will take you up the ossicles and beans from the head will be focusing and lemon。Dried overnight and so condensed flavor and is delicious!


Sweet potato shochu will be at rock whale potato shochu 500 yen。


See wheat gluten and cream cheese deep-fried' 800 yen

Women No.1 popular shops here?。Miso fried crispy and fluffy up and plus the flavor and texture of melted cream cheese。Japanese-style broth Ginger Sauce, and will be!


"Junmai sake WINS komagatake (kachikoma)" 1 set 800 yen

I wanted the sake of Toyama、Whats the rie-Chan recommended junmai sake。But the added flavor、Is the delicious feeling of transparence.、It is easy to drink sake。The first conversation Exchange in marriage two people、My long time fun as her husband's presence (laughs) story、Care was that during my "I'll call" with、Become a party。Rie-CHAN、You get along with me.

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City General kuruwa 3-2-10 TEL:076-422-2321
Hours of operation:18:00-25:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City total kuruwa 3-2-10

Joined the Alumni Association in the elementary school was held in the 'full House' went back to Toyama! Toyama regional cuisine in the famous "more sushi.、A bamboo feel things
Joined the Alumni Association in the elementary school was held in the 'full House' went back to Toyama!
Toyama regional cuisine in the famous "more sushi.、A bamboo feel things


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