"Kamakura Kotomi" Old Private House Italian Dinner Full of Live Feeling To Taste at the Counter Seat

*This is the information that stayed in March 2020.。

Away from the hustle and bustle of kamakura, an ancient city、In 1855, an old house was renovated as an old-fashioned private house hotel.Kamakura Kome hotel Kamakura COCON"The、There is a sense of privateness unique to a single house、It has been reborn as the perfect place for adults to have a peaceful time!

The time of dusk has passed、Here we have a quiet night、Italian opened at the same time in the facility "Restaurant COCONDinner time at "Restaurant Old Now" has arrived!

Restaurant、As a natural restaurant of Italian famous "Al ketchfernoMasayuki Okuda of (Al che-cciano)" (Masayuki Okuda)Will be supervised by the chef。

Shinichi Ikeda, a new Miyazaki native (Shinichi Ikeda)Hired chef、Has been started with a new menu configuration、Carefully selected kamakura vegetables and fresh seafood from Sagami Bay、It is offered a body-friendly Italian that brings out the goodness of the ingredients by a simple and healthy cooking method conscious of local ingredients.、A full reservation is required for both lunch and dinner by the day before!

In the open kitchen of only 10 seats at the counter prepared in the space where you can feel the weight of splendid struts and beams that remain at the time of the founding of The Ansei 2 years、The distance between each guest and the chef is close、It is in the ideal shape that you can enjoy a performance full of live feeling one dish one by one!

Night of the day、Leave it to The Sommelier as well as last time.、I'd like to have a pairing to match the course dish.、First of all, a large fruit taste with a fine acid and a mineral feeling starts in attractive [Champagne].

(1) "Rock Oysters and Citrus Yogurt" × "Claude Casal" / Cult All NV (Claude Cazals) / Carte Or"

Rock oysters from Miyazaki、Yogurt and lime、orange、Hinata Summer、Combine fresh citrus such as golden citrus paste、Sprinkle lemon sorbet on top、Let's have it in one bite!
The smell of the sea shore drifts softly.、The taste of milky oysters spreads in the mouth.、The acid and citrus leftover aroma of yogurt bring out the freshness of the sea!

(2) "Pizza"

To the firefly squid that boiled lightly、Mini tomatoes and black olives、Mini-sized pizza with capper acid is available by hand!

(3) "Aorica and Uru" × "Hanae Deha Junmai Ginjo"

A dish with white and green and colorful spring-likeness Sleeping five dates、Aorica finished with a lot of light、Geso and empera put in a vacuum around 60°C.、Freshly picked wild vegetables and ryou、I'm son of a year.、Combine sliced green tomatoes with crispy texture、Different texture combinations! Two sauces of Blatter cheese tightened with brilliant basil and lemon acid、You can also enjoy the aftertaste with the rest of the dill aroma!

Akita PrefectureRyoseki Sake BreweryIn accordance with the junmai ginjo "Hanae" that is made by、You can enjoy a soft and wide taste while there is a feeling of freshness!

(4) "45-inch and new onion" × "White Haven Sauvignon Blanc 2018".'Sauvignon Blan

45Finish in a state where the moisture of the water is kept by the heat putting of、Finally, they'll give you a skin in front of you.、Whets the appetite so the aroma!
Float ing on the puree with the white new onion、Charville and Itapase、With the sibrett!
For a new ball roasted whole and strongly brought out sweetness、Add ed white wine vinegar acid、It is finished in the sauce that can enjoy sweet and sour!

Match new Zealand sauvignon blanc、The sour taste and bouncy fruit savour the fresh taste.

(5) "Alfred of Bamboo Shoots" × "Close de Hermitage Equinox 2018 (Dom). des Lises Equinoxe"

The pasta that a young sous chef from Iwate is in charge of is、Homemade Noodle Sonti Fettcine、Parmigiano Reggiano、Fetcine Alfred made using butter!
I dare to cut the bamboo shoots of the season which I caught in Mie Prefecture and put it together by cutting it big.、It is a thick cream pasta to enjoy the tooth yi!
The smell of the bud of the tree which becomes a Japanese japanese herb does not collect!

"A bistro wine that offers juicy fruitiness of schillers!" The concept of France is the wine of Rhône、You can enjoy the freshness that a light tannin and a pleasant acid can be felt alive!


Soft focaccia is often tangled in a rich pasta sauce.

(6) "Kamakura Komei Carefully Selected Wagyu" × "Umberto Cesari" / Sangiovese Rizeva (Umberto Cesari) / Sangiovese Riserva"

We use lamp meat of Kuroge Wagyu "Shimomura beef" of "Shimomura Ranch" in Aichi Prefecture Chita Peninsula、30Smoked for about a second.、Sky beans and saya peas、Green Peace、Included in the vessel to be colored with bean seedlings and so on!

The lamp meat of the part with little fat that can enjoy the taste of the meat softly、Excellent in the state of the fire、The taste is deeply condensed and is excellent!

Sangiovese in Italy、Enjoy the ruby color with garnet color、It becomes the dry ness of a strong and rich taste.、It has a light tannin flavor!

(7) "Chocolat Mousse" × "Lutenon de Sigala Rabeau 2009(Château Sigalas Rabaud) / Lieutenant de Sigalas Sauternes

There is a letter of chocolate in the title of the dessert、Because it was the name of the Chihuahua which had just begun to keep and had been covered、I feel like i'm in a relaxed mood!
What's the dessert that made you sneak up on the rich chocolate mousse?、White chocolate in a foam and covered with hardened、Enjoy the cool texture and good ness of the melting of the mouth!

For dessert、Combine ripe and luscious wines with a wonderful pure flavor made from good bacteria!

(8) "Strawberry and Milk Ice Cream" × "Sorgin".

Let me soften the guests with a soft expression.、In charge of Dolce with a nice smile!
It is a dessert using the strawberry and the strawberry and the tochioto which is fresh, has a high sugar content, and the flesh is firm.
Strawberry foam sauce with milk ice cream and crispy meringue、You can enjoy the taste of strawberry milk by having it all together!
It's not too sweet.、It is the completion of the strawberry milk of the adult full of fresh feeling!

Gin blends and builds natural plant extracts into sauvignon blanc、Offer chilled in the freezer!
Fragrant Juniper Berry Nose、Is the fresh feel.、A pleasant aftertaste is long.、It becomes a taste which becomes a habit by a friendly flavor、Excellent compatibility with adult strawberry milk

(9) "After-meal drinks" × "small confectionery"

With espresso after meals、Three kinds of baked goods (strawberry partdo-fulye、Lemon Macarons、Enjoy chocolate brownies)

The staff of "Kamakura Koima" and "Restaurant Cocon"、It's a tough time,、It is thorough physical condition management individually、Preparing for prevention of new coronavirus infection、You're doing your best in your day-to-day sales!

*Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation by private!

After enjoying dinner and return to the room、Warm up from the core of the body by soaking in micro bubble bath, bathing is permitted at any time、Relax ing time!

After a bath、Enjoy a relaxing time with the red wine prepared in one hand!

What is your hotel stay at Kamakura Kodate?、It is an extraordinary but calm wrapped in Japanese beauty.、Feeling as if you were in a separate house、A quiet night full of private feeling swells!

All ages Kamakura (Kamakura Cocon)
Address:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Nikaido 836
TEL:0467-81-4435(Phone hours:9:00To 18:00-

Cocon restaurant (restaurant now and then)
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-14:00(LO)、Dinner 17:30-20:00(LO) *Reservation scan required at least 1 day in advance
Closed on Mondays:Thursdays (open on public holidays)

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