"Maserati Hamamatsu" Thank you dinner party for Maserati owners!

"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu(MASERATI Hamamatsu) to thank the Maserati owner dinner party in Hamamatsu city "Sanfelice – Italian Cafe & Held at Dinning (San Felice Italian Cafe & Dining)、Our husband and wife also invited us to participate!

Maserati owners in the vicinity of Hamamatsu who usually do not have a chance to meet gather together!

"Maserati Maserati Japan JapanEveryone who came from the headquarters took command.、The beginning of a fun feast!

The venue dinner is held in a buffet style that does not hold the shoulder.、Colorful Italian cuisine、Enjoy delicious wine!

Not to mention the car favorite thing、Hobbies are close、It was a very meaningful time to spend time with ladies and gentlemen who love Maserati!

This time in "Maserati Hamamatsu"、Tatsuya Nakajima, a good young man with a high level of experience in selling imported cars, joined、It seems to power up more and more!


At the usual Janken tournament to conclude the event party、A nice Maserati goods were prepared!

My husband won against Janken and got a golf ball with trident!

In addition、The souvenir that I had as a souvenir is "Pair glass with Trident"!

Thank you to the staff of Maserati Japan Ltd. and Maserati Hamamatsu for setting up such an opportunity!

Maserati Hamamatsu (MASERATI Hamamatsu)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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