Popular Italian Salvatore Cuomo & bar Ooi-Cho station!

Cheap stumbled, including "no lick (drenched in 1000 yen)" of Tokyo as the city unfold a world of deep second home "Oi"!

Several times we have introduced over deep, Ohi-Cho、This year's meeting may、Easy to understand, to oimachi station restaurant! FC deployed nationwide under the brand of Salvatore Cuomo Japan / Salvatore Cuomo Japan feel free to enjoy the authentic Italy Neapolitan "Salvatore Cuomo & Oi bar (Salvatore Cuomo & bar)"To go、Tokyo friends "Nexyz..." Director and "Dig Bana"Representative Taku-CHANTakuma YoshidaWith weekend Dinner Meeting is!

Also that weekend、A vibrant 80 or so seats appealed in State!
This date is from Taku-CHAN、Taking advantage of language skills is through interpretation and attendance services、Shanghai to work as a business consultantHiromi TangAnd for to control the border! Her fluent Japan language, English, Chinese、Originally this lens manufacturer inTAMRON lensesThe experienced secretarial duties、Good people, there were no matter、Aim to further develop the Tamron retired last year、It just was an entrepreneur! Young and because of that he aggressively global, while she、We thereby wanted to have contact with us、First meeting, at the "beer" cheers!

Salad of green vegetables and tuna 670jpy
"Octopus, Italian Marines' 580 Yen
"Prosciutto di Parma" 650 Yen
"Italian chicken" 580 Yen
Hot ajillo shrimp and mushrooms of 780 yen
"Potato zeppole" 320 Yen
"Okinawa pork Milanese cutlet 1200 Yen
"Margherita" 1500 Yen
"" Diavola "window you" 1750 Yen
"Pancetta sausage Penne arrabbiata. 800 yen
Pickled vegetables with homemade 300 yen
"French fries" 340 Yen

According to Chile easy to drink "Condor" Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon、Seafood appetizer salad or dish、The main pizza and pasta、Meat dishes and enjoy the full、Could be a fun time!, Taku-CHAN、Hiromi-CHAN、See you again!

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Ooi-Cho
Salvatore Cuomo&Barr
Address:Oi town 2 1-Chome 1-1 atre Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 2F
Hours of operation:AM11:00~ PM11:00(LO PM10:30-

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