Aiming at "Italy restaurant Anello" people of Italy restaurant


Of Fukuroi celebrates 4 years to 2017 / 2 / 20 of the month "Italy restaurant Anello(Anello) "at Lunch!

Anello, in Italy, meaning "ring, ring" seems to have、Grows rings connecting everyone... and thought says., has been named、Its not Street、Use, such as women's Association、It is a casual Italy restaurant becomes a peaceful space flowered women's preaching!

Chef Yamada Yoshiaki country (Yoshikuni Yamada)-、Had previously been working cafes and restaurants、And longtime friend from apprenticeship at a French restaurant.(-Be ω-Isuzu)^☆
Inside is a warm atmosphere including counter size of 20 seats in the casual, easy-to-enter shop、Appetizer platter at lunch menu、Pasta、Dessert、Course cafe serving at 1620 yen (tax included) no reasonable price!

Appetizer platter、Moose's as light and beautiful colorful smooth carrot soup "roast ham salad.、And 3 peak of "roasted Guinea fowl" rich umami、Oil is the main pasta、Tomato、It is possible to choose among 3 kinds of cream!

We、Got "mushroom and spinach spaghetti" full of flavor and the aroma of accent is "smoked pork loin with tomato" of moderate acidity of the tomato fresh tomato and truffle oil!

And nice desserts platter、Jam and PEAR with bitter sweet baked cheese cake where you can enjoy the smooth texture and with "pear Catalana.、And freshen up with "Strawberry gelato.、A great lunch!

Is the store staff who have served longer in the end of the year.、The kitchen and Hall manage it alone now, 国kunn、We recruit the staff together you going to shop! Please contact us if you are interested, try!

At the end of the month、Congratulations to wedding receptions, 国kunn is in Hamamatsu "The Oriental terrace bird goodness"Will be held at!, 国kunn、Congratulations!











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