"Humble House Taipei" "LA FARFALLA" semi order style Italian buffet lunch


2013/11To since the opening topic 5 stars hotel
"Humble House Taipei"The、
Italian restaurant "LA FARFALLA"And、1And, through sales of all dining。
This time the、Is the introduction of semi order style buffet lunch!

Hours of operation:Breakfast 6:30-10:00、Lunch 11:30-14:30、
Afternoon tea 15:00-17:00、Dinner 18:00-22:00
TEL:+886 2 6631 8060


In the light from the glass window、All wrapped up in the light、
Spread out the window to the garden landscape、Attention to detail、The works of art、
Create atmosphere surrounded by nature in silence。
Provides 165 seats seats、With high-quality ingredients in season were selected from the chef、
Italian restaurant for all dining offering dishes made from completely new aesthetics and concepts throughout the day.


On weekdaysBuffet lunch-style semi order 1180 TWD (JP 4250 yen)In the menu、
Salad bar buffet、Bread、Soup、Includes dessert and after-dinner coffee or tea。
Breakfast buffet as well as a rich breakfast in、
And the ingredients a good Italian-style buffet.


In addition to the salad bar with bright, colorful、A wide variety of dish becomes complete.、
Is good for buffet style 取ri分kereru something little like that too!


Ham, salami and avocado salad
Parmigiano-Reggiano's in the hole!


Roast beef、Roast pork


Organic vegetablesSalad bar
3Kind of dressing


Buffet style and quality less than that amount may not be、
Surprisingly little stomach us couple、Certainly is quality over quantity。
Meaning that you can adjust yourself eat buffet style、System pleases both big and small appetite!
A good balance between、How to clean 盛ri付kereru?、I studied very much in the sense that。
And beams.、Dishes are beautifully and look in the eyes、Intriguing appetite with aroma、Delicious food、If possible, clean up! It is important!


Any dish designed to、Beautiful、Because the vegetables are added neat、
Even for people who normally are not tapped the vegetables too much、Naturally grow vegetables hand is a good thing!


Smoked salmon


Orange salad steamed fish


Sauteed mushrooms


Marinated ham and paprika


Vegetable and fruit salad


Vegetable and Bacon sauté


Chicken Salad


Pumpkin salad


Seafood salad


Soup、The menu varies by the day、2You can choose from the type!


Plush lined about 20 different dessert、
Ice cream "Häagen-Dazs"Hotel!


Chocolate mousse
Fresh fruit tart、Cherry tart


Chocolate cake
Apricot tart、Strawberry and chocolate cake


Green tea cake
Caramel chocolate cake








Marketing Communications ManagerSasha HsiehTo tell you about、
Japan staffVivian Linis、With our service our table!
She is "Global village beauty Japanese"In Japan to speak, it learned that Japan!


Manager of Food & Beverage Division Zack Hsieh) To be served。
During the meal、Red Star "S.Pellegrino"The logo will feature Italy mineral water。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、Guests can enjoy fine carbonate and a mild throat!


From the buffet、Roast duck and ham、Smoked salmon、The beef tongue seafood、
Pickled and dried tomatoes、Dish finished style appetizer, fruit salad。
I dished up hot and cold dishes.


"Potato soup"

Because the size of the bowl is still Taiwan size、Is the size of the Japan times。
A dense thick potato soup.、Taste is gentle and tasty soup!


The main dish order when I finish eating the appetizers were brought!
This time we are、In the home of Japan ToyamaGaku SyakunagaOf equipment to bring、
"To travel with the series"The encouragingHumble House TaipeiWell let me tell you about、
Fit the new 5 plates of hand instruments "LA FARFALLA"To have、
In collaboration with the main dish! (Xie Xie! )


"Sea Urchin and Caviar Cream Linguini with in Hokkaido Scallop"

"Gaku SyakunagaBlack glazed reversible (28 cm) "

Accompanied by Hokkaido scallop Saute、Linguine with sea urchin cream rich。
The scallops and sauteed and surface、In a moist soft finishing、Good lighting conditions.。
Taste the rich flavor of the caviar in a thick Sea Urchin cream、
The dish more appetizing food and salty salmon ROE。
Because Taiwan people prefer chewy texture、Texture of the pasta was slightly different from Japan。
Still、The recent、Increasing number of restaurants with care do not become over Boyle。
Here are the fresh pasta for、Soft texture feels nice、Good topped a rich sauce。
Gaku SyakunagaOfBlack glazed reversible (28 cm)And the collaboration of pasta!
Black-Glazed Salmon ROE and sea urchin、Sheen's color of the NAS Tatum、
Linguine with a roll stylish together!
Whats up with the menu of the restaurant's most popular ♪ (Xie Xie!)


"Duluku Chicken, Champignon and Truffle Roll with Honey Mustard Sauce"

"Gaku SyakunagaBlack-glaze plates (28 cm) "

Chicken grown in Taiwan "Duluku Chicken"With chicken roll。
Outside's fun crunchy texture、Some noiseless Champignon and truffles、Plump and moist finish at Jussieu。
To garnish、Based on mashed potatoes、Is potato and mushrooms with vegetables、Sun-dried tomatoes,。
Gaku SyakunagaOfBlack-glaze plates (28 cm)The honeymustarder source is a bright color.


"Low-temperature Cooked U.S Prime Beef Short Rib with Whiskey Sauce (5 oz.)"

"Gaku SyakunagaRing plate (32 cm).

America's finest rating in prime beef short ribs at low temperature of 57 ° C and over 36 hours and Cook、
After that、Brown and finish the surface with、Surface is crusty and the inside soft finishing。
Fit the roast whole garlic、Whiskey sauce。
A low-temperature cooking for、Do not over stress in the flesh、Guests can enjoy a juicier flavor。
Gaku SyakunagaOfRing plate (32 cm)In the presence、But with the main dish meat is outstanding! (Xie Xie! )


"Apricot tart、Chocolate cake、Pineapple mousse.

Dessert、Refined many of phthisis、
You only for what you want to eat、A sweet tooth is dying is a nice assortment!


Cafe latte

Finish in desserts drinks、For a tea or coffee、Happy cafe latte。
Large mug cafe latte day getting stiff.


Overlooking the beautiful garden、A fine time afternoon。
After a lunchtime、And Cafe opening times、Throughout the day for sales "LA FARFALLA"Now、
Can be enjoyed at various times.
Now、In the lastHumble House TaipeiThe General Manager is to enable
Hugo ShengThe interview is.

Hours of operation:Breakfast 6:30-10:00、Lunch 11:30-14:30、
Afternoon tea 15:00-17:00、Dinner 18:00-22:00
TEL:+886 2 6631 8060

Humble House Taipei
Location:Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.
TEL:+886 2 6631 8000

Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.

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