Pizzeriatractria "Cesare" is making the world champion Neapolitan pizza


In the downtown area as the Nagoya in OSU "PIZZERIA TRATTORIA CESARI pizzeria Trattoria Cesar"Mr.。2006 yearThe、Real ID "Association of true Neapolitan"The certified、2010 yearThe "Neapolitan World Championship pizzanapoletana S. T. G. Department"In with the winning pizza artisans (pizzaiolo)Makishima akinariWho is a shop where you will find world's best pizza making!


Cesar's next door、2012On March 24.In the renewed "SOLO PIZZA Napoletana solo pizza NAPOLETANA"。The originalMakishima akinariJust had baked the pizza here is、Now、2014 yearTo seeNeapolitan World Championship pizzanapoletternakulaschka Department", WonOTA masayoWho has been in charge here。Cesar says、If you shop offers courses in an atmosphere of Trattoria.、Solopizzanapoletterna is here、And easy hamburger shops like enjoying a pizza self-service system、Pizza are provided at reasonable cost by reducing labor costs。The best cheap pizza、Marinara marinara in350Circle!And will be。輸shi sky is sourced from Italy、Pizza great pizza maker is genuine price! And good cost performance for everyday long line so popular stores。However,、Me (lol) no fine line long 40 relatively smoothly in to Cesar's next possible!


So can be enjoyed by many of our customers waiting area are also provided in the shop、Wall paintings of Neapolitan painters、You can experience the atmosphere of a very lively authentic Italy pizzeria intact.


In the open kitchen and open space、Equipped with a wood-fired kiln, two、It is possible to enjoy all over the pizza making process。1Is the number of seats on the floor for 60 seats and spacious Chamaeleonidae.


Here is、Pizza Maker (pizzaiolo)Makishima akinariSan。In the busy、Was smiling at the camera smiling。1While rotating the dough carefully each one grow and、Put ingredients into a wood-fired kiln, which、With no wasted motion and dynamism even looking much do not get bored!


This time the、2In the available space will be as a party room on the floor。Include the part has been expanded in the back、The number of seats is a space of nearly 70 seats ensure comfort。On weekdays、Business lunch courseis1,000Yen ~There are、Weekends and holidays、Cesar staple lunch course (appetizer platter your favorite pizzaor your favorite pasta Dolce drink) ¥ 1,500Order only provided that there!


There are plus fare is the menu of the day、It is possible to choose from the Board.


"Appetizer platter' (of the soup into 4 assorted)

Minestrone Soup、Salad with Prosciutto di Parma、Carpaccio of Yellowtail、Four kinds of bread was kneaded cheese and ham frites tomato sauce plate with assorted。Good appetizers so voluminous、And packed with full flavor in your garden vegetables、Very high quality ingredients、This CP is high.


'Pizza NAPOLETANA Margherita Classica

1889Made for Queen Margherita,、Margherita is named this because the Queen so called favourite and。With tomato sauce、Fior di latte、Basil、Is the Neapolitan Royal Road is made with extra virgin olive oil。One of the characteristics of the Neapolitan、Called picture frames (cornicione cornicione) and border thickness is、Enjoy the chewy texture。The size is 27 cm、Because the fabric weight is lighter and offers!


Fish ragout Pancho spaghetti

Spaghetti with various seafood, such as Octopus and fish ragout、Remembered the taste of the pasta itself was in a Venetian Bacaro, Italy。Coarsely in a good way、Family pasta!


Dolce、Choose from 9 different here。From left clockwise kiln baked pudding.、Japan used the rum cake、Chocolate and Almond Cake、Meringue cake、White chocolate and almond powder cake、Chocolate custard cake、Ricotta cheese cake、Fresh fruit tart、Lemon cream pie dough kind shoe all explained!


Kiln baked pudding

It had a bittersweet caramel sauce with plenty of kiln baked pudding、And by the very smooth on the tongue、Sweetness is not persistent, it is very delicious!


Zuppa inglese

From soup to use lots of syrupSoup UKItaly is named on the meaning。"Spa"And the"A slice of soaked bread"The mean。Is suitable for expressing the very beating syrup sponge、Rather than nagging feeling、Is quite taste like。Is the cake and the crunchiness of meringue on the surface of a well-balanced high point!



I was surprised the Dolce、Even the coffee! Really amazing and produce so much quality in the course of 1500 Yen。Line so popular is still different attitudes.

PIZZERIA TRATTORIA CESARI pizzeria Trattoria Cesar
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku OSU 3-36-44 TEL:052-238-0372
Hours of operation:11:00-15:00( L.O.14:30) 18:00To 22:30( L.O.22:00-
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

3-36 -44 OSU Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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