Hideaway Italian Tokorozawa CP offers a luxurious full-course dinner.


Is a 5 minutes drive from finger kotesashi station on the Seibu Ikebukuro line Tokorozawa Hwy 463 Italian hideaway "CP restaurant"Mr.。Green garden filled with pride、In a simple modern and cosy atmosphere、Others usually open for lunch & dinner、1Has been co-produced by limited only won restoran wedding set。Unlike a refreshing impression of the day、Light in the lantern light、Adult moist atmosphere.


"Modern and stylish restaurant serving casual anyone in this area of Tokorozawa"Thought and how they、2005March 5ToCP restaurantA has been opened。When entering from government road are bustling、Nice space imagined, like not loose time await you!


Shop、A clean black and white combined with a stylish modern directing the non-daily life in space。On the floor in、Big flower-based giving colours with fascinating flowers、One further accompanied by flower table every dignified guest customer hospitality welcomes you。The spacious seats、In all, 54 seats。Table seating in the back is possible to produce a sense of private in the cubicle door。Your daily diet is of course、And celebrate every、Reserved for private use, such as in the event are available。Using carefully selected herbs and fresh ingredients such as food、Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda city you come from chefsJun KubotaWho provides high quality Italian made。Dinner、Weekdays course 2760 Yen、Special dinner course 5500 Yen、Anniversary course 7000 Yen、CHEF'S 10500 Yen 4 courses。Advance reservation is requiredCarbohydrate restriction courseSuch as the specialized courses are offered。To CHEF'S course this time!


Sommelier / ManagerNakazato, MitsuoJust us served as host of the tonight。In a subdued tone、Introduction of cutlery。A Japanese designer who has been awarded an award in France is a cutlery inspired by the "Japanese rainy season"、I get a delicate and bald impression.。And、1Each one is handmade by glass craftsmen and is highly regarded overseas.Sugahara glassGlass Chopsticks。One by one、It doesn't end up in exactly the same shape.、Evenly spaced twists、Beautiful flower-shaped cut、It is said that the moment here was prepared to be a special meal by the cutlery which reflected in the glitter and the illumination and shining♪.


"BellaVista" Lombardy Franciacorta, Italy

We prepared an Italian Bella Vista for the toast.。Franciacorta、Clean acid and fresh, round and harmonious、Features a friendly taste。A different personality from champagne shines.。What is this bottle?、The beauty of the design, of course、To keep wine in an ideal state、It is thinner than a general bottle neck。Then I will be、The space between the wine and the cork is narrowed.、The possibility of oxidation can be reduced。Looking at its beautiful form、It is the start of a full course dinner with a toast with a fresh taste♪.


"Green Olives of Sicily"

Color gloss、Tension、Green olives with a good amount of salt。It is good that the texture is left hardness♪


"Sunny Chocolat Cold Soup"

Cold soup of this time of the year of setting the heating in the store to warm up a little dare。Sunny Chocolat from Hokkaido、Does not betray its naming power reminiscent of sweetness、It is a variety with a very high sugar content.。I♪ feel the condensed sweetness to the full emanate while refreshing


"Kawahagi carpaccio"

The light taste of kawahagi is softened to the sauce of the liver, and the depth is felt.、Herbs are made in Aomori Prefecture.Onishi Herb Farm"40 degree s/he herbs northTo、"Ecofarm Asano"、"Lucola StationFocusing on root vegetables of vegetables delivered from Mr.、♪ Enjoy it with beet sage.


"MOMA" Italian Emilia-Aromagna White

There are always several types of wine by the glass to suit your dish.。It is also good to leave it to the sommelier Nakazato-san、It would be nice if you could tell us what you like.。This is MOMA.、wine that is not yet distributed in Japan、What are the grape varieties?、Sauvignon Blanc、Chardonnay、Trebbiano。Clear and bright pale straw color with aroma aromatic and fruity medium body。Smooth and harmonious、with a firm nucleus of ripe fruittaste、It is a wine full of a firm body and personality with a balanced acidity and a clean aftertaste♪


"Fiefogra Franc"

Chef Kubota's Specialty。The smooth flan of foie gras、I'm making good use of the soup stock and I'm making it.、It is a dish that you can enjoy richness and creamyness when you mix it with fragrant sauteed foie gras♪


"Seasonal Japanese chestnuts and gorgonzola pizza"

Using the brand chestnuts that Hidaka City is proud of in season now、Pizza with Gorgonzola。In CP's、I heard that i started pizza recently.、Small sizes are offered in the course。Please enjoy it with honey if you like♪.


"MONTES ALPHA CHARDONNAY Montes Alpha Chardonnay 2012" Chile Casablanca Valley White

Montes,、by four experts leading the Chilean wine scene1988 yearEstablished in。So we received a high reputation.、It is this alpha series that has won many awards.。Chardonnay made with time and effort、Fresh and powerful aroma and oak aroma are a perfect balance、It also combines with a plumpness.、You can enjoy the taste with high quality richness, depth and quality。CP's wine glass is made from Riedel, which just held a seminar event the other day.。Sommelier Nakazato-san、Be careful to serve more delicious wine.。I just studied at the seminar.、It is a luxury to have Chardonnay with a glass for Chardonnay♪.


"The confit of the autumn swordfish"

The confit of the autumn swordfish which was carefully heated at a low temperature、I can eat up to the bone.。The aroma and sweetness of Manganji chili peppers、And, the compatibility between the autumn swordfish and the Mayu mustard of Burgundy is outstanding♪.


"Pasta with Matsutake mushroom and crows"

Pasta uses the one of Gragnano, the birthplace of pasta in Italy as well as lunch。The rich mountain aroma of matsutake mushrooms and the scent of crows, which is the blessing of the sea, are combined.、I use the finish abundantly in the texture full of the feeling of biting the matsutake mushroom。The al dente of pasta is the best! It's not flashy to look at.、I am very satisfied with the pasta which seems to be Italian♪.


"Hubert de Bouard BORDEAUX Hubert de Bouard Bordeaux 2005" French Red

The owner of the most popular Chateau Angelus, one of the best chateaus in Saint-EmilionHubert de BuardBordeaux wine of 2005 whose name is the name of the wine as it is。Merlot 70%、A 30% mellow blend of Cabernet Sauvignon。Soft barrel incense matches the ripe fruit comfortably、The mouthfeel is honest and very well balanced.、It is a wine that makes you feel soft and gentle, easy to drink♪


"Roastaged cow"

CP's best ingredients、40Aged cow slept for days。Aged beef、Over time、Enzymes in the meat break down the protein and change into an amino acid, which is a flavor component.。Moist and、Soft、Every time I chew, a rich fragrance drifts.、smells like butter、I felt the smell like nuts、Even us who are not very good at cows、It is a dish that i was able to enjoy very deliciously.。Because the meat itself has a very unique taste、Simple with smoked salt instead of sauce。And if you like、You can taste it with a rich flavor when you have it with yamazuke from Shizuoka Prefecture.。I'm a chef from Shizuoka, so I guess it's yamatake pickle (laughs) Assorted beans、Red bell pepper、Makomodake、I enjoy it with small bowlsand♪


Avante sale "Mint jelly with persimmons, yogurt sherbet"

A few kinds of persimmons that you can enjoy with the skin on top of the refreshing mint jelly。Elasticity、Sweet、It is a really delicious dessert with a dessert full of a fresh feeling with excellent balance of acidity! Served with yogurt sherbet。Oita、My stomach is swollen.、The potion of the dessert was reduced♪


"Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc vanilla ice cream"

The Mont blanc of the Japanese chestnut finished in the cream with a rich richness、I'm hiding cassis mousse inside.。Serve with vanilla ice cream♪



I'm sorry for your kindness.、I am very satisfied with the many dishes I received with the wine that you paired.。Here is、The refreshing time of lunch overlooking the garden is also good.、Adult time under the gentle lighting in the moist space at night is also wonderful。I'd like to visit you again next time! Chef Kubota、Nakazato-san、And your staff、Feast we did!

CP restaurant
153-2 Kitanaka 2-Chome, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture:04-2923-0001
Hours of operation
[Mon, Tue & Thu-day holidays and days before public holidays] lunch 11:30-15:00 ( L.O.14:00-
[Mon, Tue & Thu-Mon and public holidays before] dinner 18:00To 22:00 ( L.O.21:00-
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Closed on the second Thursday (if the regular holiday is a national holiday)、The next day is closed for transfer)

Saitama prefectural Tokorozawa City North 2-153 -2

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