"Sunflower dining-room" in a luxurious overnight。I'm also like Italian in Toyama!


Toyama Central Street exit.、To have life-prolonging jizo statue located in the Itachi River ishikura-machi、Young chef has a lot to elsewhere in Italy and TokyoHozumi TanakaIs (39 years old) and then expand nationally in Italian、Yes made a fortune in his hometown Toyama、2013March 5In the opened "Sunflower restaurant"Mr.。The screw part of the symbol of the slow food snail resembling grape as the vine wine opener is designed for、Sunflower restaurant, iron sign。This sign is、Hozumi's owner/chef、Said to have come from the shop had previously worked、So I sign?。When home in Toyama in the husband's family、It is sure to want to visit your Shop No.1 Italian。Enter the alley beside the store parking lot is cake shop opposite the Miyazaki1. 5 units are provided.


Shop、The simple white walls and wood is clear space。Will be brought in front of the stores、Spacious kitchen was clean and organized。You can look through the glass。4 counter seats、In the kitchen late rice、Table seats 10 seats.。On this day、Can be booked in advance to see if after 20 seats take the can"。Hungry, was approximately 1 years online。The menu configuration、From appetizer pasta.、Main、All desserts can be ordered à la carte、Especially recommended is char-grilled vegetables, fish and meat dishes! Shuttle fare per person 300 yen。


"Millesimato Franciacorta Brut Emozione Villa, Italy Lombardy 5900 Yen

Tackle the cultivation of their fields 100% ECOCERT Villa Franciacorta。Grape varieties:80% Chardonnay、Pinot Bianco 10%、Pinot Nero 10%。Even this standard Franciacorta Brut bottled in single vintage。Considered in the Franciacorta and ripe degree and acid balance is important、While watching the acidity crop。He gently pressed in a pneumatic、18The temporary fermented。Bottle mature over 30 months。Fine chemicals、Franciacorta, delicate acid in addition to femininity、Feel and taste of the grape、Franciacorta grapes grown in a natural force that is!


Seppo line black 500 yen

Squid ink seppoline.。Good scents、Salt Salt!、Those deep-fried crispy while no longer was good premium Triple Sepp Greene。Director of the eggs resemble cute。So where you can feel free to snack、If you give a lot of refills I had run out of stock。Sorry to those who later is (sweat)


Salad of white shrimp, cucumber, and barley 1400 Yen

Speaking of Toyama white shrimp。White shrimp flavor and sweetness to luxury、Is the flavor and sweetness of the texture crisp cucumber and barley、Chewy texture was interesting and refreshing healthy salads。Whats up last year、It is still fine.


Homemade bread

Parnesicigliano using semolina flour and whole wheat flour。Here is、Italy's Sicilian bread、Hozumi Chef a favorite bread?。Fragrance、Elasticity、Texture、Amount of water、Seasoning with salt、Sweet、What I complain of no 1 in serving good fit!


"Quorum Barbera d'Asti quarrambarberadusti 1999 HASUTE haste "Italy Piedmont province 20000 Yen

To improve the quality of Barbera in the Asti district, and visibility UP、1997In haste project started from the vintage。Study on COPPO、Bride、Michele Carlo、Vietti、Pernod、And quorum of six prestigious Berta grappa producers has been released in a joint project。Except for Bertha、Selection of grapes from the vineyards of Barbera in the Asti area owned by the individual producer are concentrated study on COPPO brewery。Brewing、Luxury Super Barbera is that Ricardo Cotterell。The luxurious Barbera reduced the harvest to 35 hl per 1 ha each producers ' contest、15And days skin contact、Scent by mixing ago fermentation、Brings out the flavor。And malolactic fermentation is done in a Barrick、It's 14 months of barrel aging in new barrels of French oak Allier from Gamba, made of 100%、12The wine has undergone months of bottle ageing。Beyond the boundaries of the Barbera、Amazing workmanship and Robert Parker, 95 points and favorability rating.。Felt a huge flavor and silken tannins、Full body, rich、Concentrated、Is filled with the riches.


Salad of tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella 1400 Yen

Go through the nose smell of milk Buffalo mozzarella、Moist texture and rich flavor is spreading.、As good as tomatoes and sour sauce is also good.


Grilled vegetable 1600 Yen

Eggplant、Corn、Zucchini、Chicory、Carrot、Red bell pepper、Such as cabbage。Probably the best cooking method to adequately utilize the sweetness of the vegetables slowly by charcoal。Spicy and sweet and juicy are the best!


"Brunello di Montalcino Aparthotel solder 1993 Case Basse "Italy Tuscany 63000 Yen

Currently in Italy the most important is obviously top presence in Casa Basse。Grape varieties:Brunello (= Sangiovese Grosso)。The building maker of Brunello di Montalcino Gianfranco soldera solder、In existence now say that treasures、2012 DecemberThe sad incident case Basse was an unfortunate accident and lost a lot of wine, and、Has become the world's most rare wines。This is a 1993 rare back vintage。Guests can enjoy a Brunello's highest concentration and power。And、After made this wine、By not dating anymore than this ahead of (old)、2010Of the year"GAJA Barbaresco" 28000 YenWhats one more book。Delicious dishes to the wines were delicious and valuable。I am happy, this evening it welcomed in Toyama.


"Uozu of grilled swordfish with" 2000 yen

Champ swordfish in located in the eastern part of Toyama Prefecture uozu 漁reta flavor, moist and grilled。Good scents、Guests can enjoy the fluffy texture。It is luxurious and Toyama fresh the fish on the grill you!


Source bushati saury and cardoncelli 1600 Yen

Pasta dough wrapped around the needles (BSA), made with this name.。Not on the menu Board、Hozumi chef's dish。Using the autumn I、Pasta with filling with wrapped and Bjarte.


Orecchiette of white shrimp and broccoli 1600 Yen

Orecchiette is a local cuisine of Puglia in southern Italy in the sense that the "little ears"。In Puglia、Eat vegetables broccoli and cimadilerpa and is in the classic、Green broccoli and colorful whets the appetite.


Spaghetti with tomato sauce 1200 Yen

We can enjoy the sweetness of the tomatoes and delicious to very simple pasta。Looks like the main meat dishes to put (lol)


See Rosted duck breast"3300 Yen with Kumamoto Prefecture meats Ma fin 3300 Yen

The last us horse here was crazy to、This time the、So asked hozumi chefs recommend the duck meat than meat、He asked both the meat and duck breast。In the horse、Fine fins reduced fat the most tender part only luxurious grilled.。The fleshy、Amazingly detailed in soft、Color is dark, glossy red.。Feel the deep flavor and lightly sweetened。And the duck breast、Today recommend one and just need to be、Flexibility and richness of flavor is nice、Enjoy the wild, flesh delicate yet rich in flavor。The roast onions are moist and sweet and condensed, 1 dish the best.


"Home-made new summer orange liqueur.

After the meal、Hozumi chef than were served homemade limoncello。Are you using new summer Orange, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan。Our limoncello is、95Because the times spirits have been made based on、That is a tasty drink、And home for the batting is in good shape and is a dangerous alcohol (laughs) Toyama evening of day one。Rare wine was delicious! Hozumi chef、Also5Years afterTo come (laughs)

Sunflower restaurant
Toyama Prefecture Toyama ishikura-machi 1-301 TEL:076-482-6091
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

1-301 ishikura-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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