Italian "ilmarcampo", opens a new female member (51) of the 4th


Enshu railway、Aka red electric street 1 this Y Noguchi Boulevard's Assistant enters the character open to 9/4/2011 "Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo"Mr.。Italy is the owner/chef has been trained in TuscanyYoshida, Takahiro-Kun、Piled up experience in Tokyo、To return to the local has been independently。Marukanpo(ITO:Marcampo) of the name、It gave the name of accommodation owned by the owner Yoshida chef was trained in the Tuscany region of Italy。Of the Agriturismo、Vacation to experience the countryside and renovated farmhouse, accommodation。There had been offers regional cuisine, made with fresh local ingredients and home-cooked meals and homemade wine and olive oil、Desire to enjoy in Hamamatsu is put by this name will。Here you will、2011 yearIn the open。The other day、The long Buri at lunch to disturb you from that、Favorite shops join the ranks and now! Yoshida chef、Us couple is always indebted to holed concrete surface finishing "Old Nichie Yoshida(Now:Kiuchi peiyang Corporation, business continuity)] of theYoshida AkiraIt is Mr. of your relatives ♪


Shop、White based on stone walls accented with alms、A warm lamps and indirect lighting and an adult atmosphere.。The number of seats、4Table seats for people to main counter、In the private room in the back with 44 seats and spacious space、Is a kind of popular events, private party。A still atmosphere?、I think because it is a kind of audience age group was slightly higher in a quiet atmosphere of dining。Dinner menu5,000CircleThere are courses and reservation-required courses.、This is the fourth time"51 annual"gathered in、I ordered it a la carte by dividing it little by little while drinking wine and enjoying it ♪U pe Hikaru Suites Generation400 yen per person (bread fee, seat fee) is attached as。


51Iwata is an established member of the annual "Plain plastic industrial co., Ltd."The President inPlain toshinaoKun (pictured right) and Hamamatsu "Atsumi iron works co., Ltd."The President inAtsumi SoichiroKun (photo left)。51Annual meetingThe goals and objectives、51Year born(Before and after the time allowed:Lol) for increasing the companion。And、Liven up food and beverage outlets are working hard with the young、Even the lively city to properly go to! Have a sense of mission and、Will evolve。This time, my first female member has increased! 「Ltd. Promote En ShuIt has a director director of "Gao bridge SonChan (center of photo)。49I was born in 1990 and was not born in 51 years.、She is likely to become a reassuring member as a career woman♪


"Prosecco di Vu~arudobbiadene" Rustico Laax "(Nino Franco)" 4,500 yen

Spumante Prosecco Nino Franco is 100%.。In the color swatch、A light mouthfeel is there、The apples taste fresh and lively, refreshing and。Along with the meal, Western is the easy-to-fit either taste!


"Terrine of assorted" 1,200 yen

Assorted three types of terrine of today。Terrine of the Holoholo Bird、It seems to have been a recommended menu of this day.、This is a service from Chef Yoshida! (Thanks) I'll have it with balsamic sauce。The others are、It is a terrine that you can enjoy the texture with Cotechino and Coppa♪


"Baked of several kinds of vegetables" 800 yen

Tomatoes are seasonal vegetables、Red and yellow pepper、Zucchini、Because the trevis is baked slowly in the oven、Feel the sweetness of the vegetable tasting dish。Trevis is a kind of chicory.、It has a unique bitter taste and is delicious.。Here is、So it takes some time in the oven cooking、It is recommended to order as soon as possible.


"Vel Men Ticino - Bolgheri 2012" 4,000 yen

Taking advantage of the tradition of the great Italian winemaker "Antinori" that created the super Tuscan "Tignanero" and "Solaia"、Fruity white wine! Antinori、It is a great prestigious manufacturer of Florence, Tuscany, which has left a mark on wine history since the far 14th century.。This Vermentino、1996First Vintage。From Antinori's policy of values tradition、100%Vermentino is used。Bright and clear straw color、Elegant and impressive flowers and citrus、A faint aroma of citrus。Fresh and fruity、Rich minerals are also felt、You can enjoy a long and pleasant aftertaste。A lot of herb scents derived from Vermentino drift、It is one that the refreshing acidity is attractive♪


"Pate of chicken liver (two)" 600 yen

Tuscan Traditional Lever Putty。It seems to have been able to do without worrying about the smell even if it is a husband that the lever is not good.。Of course, it is liked by the person who likes the lever.、It is finished in a classy lever putty。Serve with honey and crispy baked baguette♪


"Crostini mist (three)" 600 yen

What is Krostini?、Italian cuisine in Antipasto、In ItalianA small toastHas the meaning。Toasted bread with tomatoes、Basil、Lardo、Three kinds of liver putting on it are taken as a snack♪.


"Chianti Classico Que Lucha Bella 2011" 4,600 yen

It is known as a pioneer of Chianti Classico PlayQue Lucha BellaChianti Classico。Greve、Gaiole、Radda、A blend of Sangiovese from Panzano's four communes。by blending the different grapes of the terroir、A wonderful balance of Chianti Classico is born。Harvested Sangiovese after alcohol fermentation in stainless steel、Matured for 14 months in Barrick。It will be released after sleeping more than 3 months after bottling。Rich fruitiness and spicy aromas、A firm and beautiful acid is felt with a mellow taste of a smooth mouthfeel.、You can also feel the pleasant sweetness in the aftertaste。The chef on the label expresses it in the sense that it is easy to match the dish.。It is an elegant and balanced taste that beautifully fuses the characteristics of terroir♪.


"Ricotta cheese and spinach gnocchi with truffe. ' ¥ 1,600

Here is our couple's push menu! Spinach is kneaded and gnocchi of a beautiful color、There's freshness with ricotta cheese、Will be in rich aromatic truffle cream sauce! Also speaking of gnocchi and I dust texture you might imagine、Gnocchi here is good means betrayal.、It is soft enough to melt gently in the mouth! (Delicious!) It is a taste that makes all the members of the 51-year association with a fat♪ tongue.


"Carbonara truffle cliff of tagliolini" 1,600 yen

Homemade noodles raw noodlesTagriolini:tagliolini)Finished with carbonara、I'll have you put a truffle on it.。What is Tagriolini?、With flat pasta with eggs、Popular Pasta in Piedmont。In the province, The PiedmontTayalin (Ii):Tajarin)It is also known as。Well entangled in the cream-based sauce with a sticky texture、It is a taste that becomes a habit♪.


"Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2010" 4,700 yen

Angelo Ligettti's reputation as an outstanding producer more than 80 years ago.、High reputation。2009100 years since its foundation.、4Jean Maria Ligettti、Father Luigi、In the family business centering on the elder brother、12People are working.。Cantina、a small district of Marano di Valpolicella in the heart of Valpolicella Classico、It's in Valgatara.。The Luigi Ligettti family's own field is 8ha.、In addition, there is a field of 180ha of 70 contract farmers who can put trust that continues from the parent and child generations。10I visit educane the field every 15 days.、because they're teaching up to the cultivation of persimmons、We make a stable, quality wine every year.。Slightly darker garnet color、AmaroneUnique, strong and sweet aroma、Not only is it strong, but the fruitiness, tannins and volumeful alcohol are in perfect harmony.、It has become a wonderful wine。Using apassimento (in-shade dried) persimmons、It takes about one month to ferment until the sugar is completely gone.、After that, the alcohol content is high because it matures for 15 months in a two-year barrel of 5000L French oak.、It is finished in a powerful wine♪


"Lardo pork fillet fresh tomato and tarragon aroma of wound" 1,600 yen

Herald (ITO: lardo)And the、Italy language refers to the fat of the pig。Pork fillet, moist、And finishing the surface Herald。That is also the acidity of the tomato sauce with herbs such as Rosemary and Bay leaves、And I have, without hesitation!


"Rabbit leg roasted olives and Vernaccia source of Kei bar Berry of" 2,000 yen

Traditional cuisine of San Gimignano, a World Heritage Site。The kite is、Unlike chicken, it is a light night, but it has a firm richness and umami.、The meat quality is also moist and meat quality with a feeling of response to eating。The fire is exquisite.、Today's menu is the number one♪.


"Dessert platter" 1,500 yen

Semifreddo of Fragola、アマレッティのセミフレッドホワイトチョコ・ミルクチョコ・ビターチョコの3層のテリーヌティラミスとチョコレートのテリーヌなどなど盛り合わせていただきました♪


The last time51Annual meetingに参加してくれた吉田くんですが、This time the、シェフとして活躍してくれたので手が空いてから顔出しをしてくれました♪


今回も新たなメンバーを交えての楽しい会となりました。The next51Annual meetingThe、7May 23 (water)And will、場所は検討し合った結果「Chinese cuisine IBE」さんに決定です!さらに新たに声掛けし加わる予定のメンバーもいるので少しずつ拡大していければ良いですね!今後も51Year (around) born in、この会の趣旨にご興味関心のある方もドシドシ応募しております!吉田くん、Feast we did!

Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku city the sukenobu 10-8 1F TEL:053-443-7915
Hours of operation 11:30-15:00 ( L.O.14:00) 18:00To 22:00 ( L.O.21:00) Closed:Every Tuesday、3rd Wednesday

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