Italian counter seats only 'brirantesuzuki' get-together dinner.


Tokyo's Nishi-Azabu "Ristorante alport"The later trained under chef Kataoka Ichigo、An independent Honda Tetsuya there had been sous chef Chef "Ristorante HONDA"But the arm polished、A year or so after his training in Italy、To return to the local city Hamamatsu independence open.Tomoki SuzukiChef shop "BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki"Mr.。From the train station 10 minutes walk from pub Street lamp Street within walking distance、Tantalizing smell of grilled chicken、Narrow backstreets of little unusual places。Is marked with a red sign was hung on the wall.


Climb up stairs、Wood dark brown to olive trees decorated with iron art door、Here is the entrance。"Brillante"And is in Italy"Shine""Glamorous"A word that means。Hamamatsu City、And want to shine with your legs to carry... and I think not, so the name!


Shop counter seats only.10Seat。My grandfather、To my fatherArchitectIn a Suzuki chef、I feel the attention to design and make the space。And chef also Scandinavian furniture like Suzuki's thoughts are put thereChairThe、There is a rounded back、I didn't get tired sitting、Good as armchair length、Gem cherry wood color changes through the years and was chosen?。Italy who is 1-2 hours, let alone、3-Have a habit over time of about 4 hours, and enjoying a meal。Eager to spend much time on select chairs。Commitment is not in the Chair、One of the items for enjoying food、CutleryAlso reflects the。Sanjo manufacturer a co-production with lacquer cutlery、Lacquered glossy red dyed bright table。It is also is affixed to the side of the knife and fork chopsticks nice。The menu is、18From: 21 a.m.TheCoursesHas become、6,480CircleAnd10,800CircleThe two courses only、10,800CircleOf course it is ideal's reservation 3 days before。21At:The、À la carteIn the time zone where you can enjoy and will。On this day、Get-together dinner received invitation to a friend and his wife.


And their friends、0/1877Of the establishment "Daikokuya"The President andBased on Makoto SuzukiKun and his wifeEriChan and his wife。2 people、That was with the University at the end of a long term relationship、Is your marriage veteran husband。Still, young children、This time is that your answering machine、With two of the language family、And fun atmosphere invites stimulating conversation and a good wife and wise mother ERI-CHAN!


France "Brut Premier and Louis Roederer" champagne

1776 yearIn jouët was established.、Louis Roederer。Louis Roederer's standard champagne、The Brut Premier、"Maturity and freshness.、That integrated opposing elements of these "elegance and strength.、Balance of attraction。There's rich flavors mature and robust frame、Has a unique texture that energetic and elegant。Grape varieties:40% Pinot Noir、40% Chardonnay、Pinot Meunier 20%。Fresh foaming with flavor and mellow and rounded first, cheers!


"Homemade Grissini"Two kinds of tomatoes and black sesame seeds。


Amuse the cocktail of fish and water

Perennial aquatic plants often served in bowls of water along with seafood and tomato and taste the summer 1。The simple taste and silky texture to the sticky、The crunchy、Take a dip sauce.


Appetizers, "Aizu from meat and French foie gras Carpaccio

On the finished moist tender meat with foie gras.、1 Parmesan cheese enjoy taste Trinity balance together scattered。Served with fresh corn, a sweet girl and asparasobergiu, enjoy the occasion well.


Homemade breadUsing whole wheat flour、Good flavor, and sweet、Goes well with the sauce and soft。


"Chardonnay Planeta" Italy Sicily

Rich, dense fruit sensation、Fragrances of peach mousse。Tone reminiscent of nuts to the hint of orange blossom honey。There is smell faintly derived from oak barrels。Is rounded soft palate、A fascinating。High alcohol content for、A concentrated impression。Wine is sour and configuration.


Pasta with cold Capellini with gazpacho with crab

Use plenty of snow crab Chionoecetes opilio solved over、Will your delicate gazpacho salad with drink called Cappellini。Gentle acidity and a subtle sweetness、And spread a refreshing gazpacho soup crab extravagant 1.


Risotto "aged one year and summer truffle risotto rice.

Has been ripening rice in Italy furumai not suitable for risotto。This time the、Rice aged for a year with risotto。Heat absorption rate is higher than the rice ripening rice、Broadband and the swelling rate of rice。And、Changes of starch quality by membrane on the surface of strongly、Enjoy a texture difficult breaks, or bursting of rice grain、Seems to be very suitable for risotto rice。The summer truffle chopped、I'd still be thoroughly enjoyable scent...。



And cut summer truffle in the apartment made plain micro、As seen with summer truffle tangle as you crawl to the risotto, truffles (lol) so here's a la carte、Enjoy the scent further.


Meat dishes with Australian rack of Lamb with red wine sauce and seasonal vegetables

Australia produced lamb roast in a block、The cut surface beautifully stained rose、That elasticity and is juicier meat in the form of the finished。Red wine sauce、Tapenade、Enjoy three w/salsa Verde sauce and seasonal vegetables。Remove from the oven before cutting block、Elastic to make sure Suzuki-Kun's confident grin not forgotten still (lol) we say either poor lamb is、Not until now could be just lamb was better than no fishy smell and taste the best burning。No wonder、This lamb-CHAN、It's a little lamb suckling did not drink only sheep's milk。Only the smell disappeared while leaving the distinctive flavor of lamb、Thanks for is resourcefully easy-to-eat ' because of the taste。Suzuki berth ingredients into even treat me in the arms of Mr. hat is!


Dessert "seasonal fruit jelly coconut Granita with"

Dessert of fresh seasonal fruit wrapped in a jelly.。Piled up in the cool coconut sherbet kind sweet and mellow flavor to、Guests can enjoy a sense of oneness with the jelly.



The cup of、Okinawa's writer's work?。You can feel the warm but chic.、The where?。Suzuki-Kun who is、Go to Okinawa a few years、And are you going to purchase procurement instruments, such as the。Recent、Like I haven't gone to Italy、"It's time to go..." and unlike Okinawa was boyaite (laughs) at least 8 days-traveling abroad have to rest for 10 days。To one-third of the month hiatus it seems tough.。That is the、Suzuki-Kun go to Italy to study in、Also may have enriched creativity with new drawer not fun!


Petits fours "Chamberina (Chocolate baked goods) and FramboisePart d fruit"

In foreground、Belgium industrial、Life type melted mouth was born in blending the two different types of cacao 70% and 63%, smooth, rich cocoa flavor baked goods。At the back is、It is part de cake with raspberry soft sour。And part de cake、Hardened and fruit puree、That the traditional Confiserie in France with sugar (candy)。Filled with rich fruit flavors、It is perfect for cheese.


Jasmine tea

An elegant time、And delicious food and wine.。That time is more fun、Spend the afternoon relaxing with like-minded people of taste and preference。Because young children are usually、It is Suzuki-Kun and his wife does not eat too much.、And often entirely Japanese food at home。ERI-Chan is cared out in soup dishes、Hit the table I'm sure in a classy restaurant.。So are you going regularly to the cooking and、It is nice if you would tell me and。Suzuki-Kun、Feast we did!

BRILLANTE IL SUZUKI brirantesuzuki
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 322-13 lamp alley building 2F TEL:053-596-9620
Hours of operation:Omakase course 18:00-21:00 À la carte 21:00-23:00(L.O) Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

322 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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