See Pizzeria Attico! Attico pizzeria "authentic pizza making with wood-fired Neapolitan


This year2014 yearSpringTo11First yearFukuroi marks the popular restaurant "IZA CAFE coo-kai?"The owners XING putTakehara XING Quaternary.、3Years thought not as an extension to store 號舖 drew、COO-Kai?Is it in authentic pizza in Naples to the hotel's wood-fired kiln shop 'Pizzeria Attico! Pizzeria attico"In the pizzaiolo (pizza maker)Stone 田晋士Open the welcome swallow。Taxis filled with warm interior with grid glass storefronts、Full Green green tiled、And stacked firewood、And feel the wind of southern Italy as a charming storefront!


Go into a store and immediately shows up a huge wood-fired kiln、Its weight of approximately 1.5 t、Their presence is filled with stout。2For new wood-burning kiln just transported to the Moon、Carefully controlled burning、Complemented by kiln took around a week or so, that could withstand the high temperature kiln moisture out while。The remaining moisture remains on high heat, and it burnt、And cracks from everywhere、Seems to be also kiln fall to pieces! But (surprise) is a wood-fired kiln burning work preparation is completed、Your makeup is not done so、But the color of the simple stone、Designed by 興sann himself, owner、So here's wood-fired tiles are perfect for finally in June, subjected to such、You can also enjoy one of。And、COO-Kai?And it's on the wall facing the street entrance、Will become a new symbol of this shop long chimneys from wood-fired kiln。This day's turnaround is Kakegawa、When I turned 21 on the way back to Hamamatsu became arrived late for dinner!


Suntory-all free 440 YenFor the drive home to Hamamatsu、2In the stand with friends Nomar (lol)


"Four beans and mushroom salad" 690 Yen

In front of the pizza, salad。4It is a taste sort beans and marinated mushrooms salad。Has become salad original dressing contains also fresh-cut vegetables, colorful good food sense of fun!


"Shichiriana" 1,080 yen With tomato sauce、Oregano、Anchovy、Garlic、Olive、Capers、Cherry tomato

Pizzaiolo IshidaThe pizza's favorite-Kun himself! Quality materials、From the authentic Sicilian food also uses。Enjoy the aroma of oregano and garlic、Salty anchovies and olives as good、Tomato sauce and fresh cherry tomatoes placed with plenty of flavor is overflowing.、Of course fabric Neapolitan。The edges is called a cornicione (picture frames) and scrupulously to no longer、Plump。The fabric is somewhat different by day、The subtle difference in everyday directly to Ishida-Kun。Study every day! Studying! Filled with feeling and motivated his attitude is feeling good。Chopping required oven also seem to struggle yourself、Weight by burning time、And also regulates that heat! You have a chance when Ishida-Kun、Come talk about it! When it comes to pizza hot、Interesting、No shortage of deep talk poured.。As an aside、Attico San have stairs to second floor、The stairs in which the 興sann and the staff's and Ian's、Knowing without knowing every day challenged and go as! The staff got any comments muscles were tight、Come see (laughs)

Pizzeria Penthouse ピ ッ ツ ェ リ ア ア ッ テ ィ コ
Shizuoka Prefecture Fukuroi Ichikawa YUI-868-6 TEL:0538-84-6199
Operating hours Lunch:11:30~ 14:00 Dinner:18:00~23:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

868-6 YUI Ichikawa Fukuroi, Shizuoka

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