Lunch filled with excellent atmosphere at "ilmarcampo"


Enshu railway、Aka red electric street 1 this Y Noguchi Boulevard's Assistant enters the character open to 9/4/2011 "Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo"Mr.。Italy is the owner/chef has been trained in Tuscany, Takahiro Yoshida、Piled up experience in Tokyo、To return to the local has been independently。Malcampo (ITO:Marcampo) of the name、It gave the name of accommodation owned by the owner Yoshida chef was trained in the Tuscany region of Italy。Of the Agriturismo、Vacation to experience the countryside and renovated farmhouse, accommodation。There had been offers regional cuisine, made with fresh local ingredients and home-cooked meals and homemade wine and olive oil、Desire to enjoy in Hamamatsu is put by this name will。Here you will、2011Opening in January and immediately asked what、There were many fantastic always disconnected from the list?、For a while now and Buri visit。Yoshida chef、Us couple is always indebted to holed concrete surface finishing ' original:Nice Yoshida (now:Kiuchi peiyang Corporation, business continuity) "of by Akira Yoshida and family、Whats the polite greetings。People are really friendly!


Shop、White based on stone walls accented with alms、Relaxed atmosphere, warm lights and indirect lighting。The number of seats、4Table seats for people to main counter、In the private room in the back with 44 seats and spacious space、Is a kind of popular events, private party。A still atmosphere?、I think because it is a kind of audience age group was slightly higher in a quiet atmosphere of dining。Lunch course、Provides the following three courses。This time the、I ordered the main C course with 2500 yen (tax included) ♪

Pranzo A:Salad、Pasta & risotto of the day、Today's Dolce、Drink 1500 yen (with tax)
Pranzo B:Appetizer platter、Pasta & risotto of the day、Today's Dolce、Drink 1800 yen (tax included)
Pranzo C:Appetizer platter、Pasta & risotto of the day、Today's fish dish or meat dish、Today's Dolce、Drink 2500 yen (tax included)


Assorted appetizer

5 types of appetizers。From left clockwise、Carrot "、Pate de campagne、Sauteed Greens with anchovy、Terrine of chicken with Rosemary、In the middle is the marinated baby squid。Say "no way" and "counterparts in Italy, meaning there's、Refers to the food tube pan and bake in the oven。The Pate de campagne with balsamic vinegar sauce。Add anchovy rape、Aglio Olio with spicy spicy finish。Offers refreshing and fragrant Rosemary and chicken Terrine.




Thigh meat beef & mushroom ragu pasta

The pasta of the day、ICA thigh meat of some species of mushrooms and beef ragu pasta.。Use a thinner pasta、How to boil as good for、Because it was a little more then a main course of pasta、Let us ask you, next time is less。


Fish [snapper sauteed porcini puree.

The Powell plump and moist snapper、Salt kind guests can taste and smell of the sea bream。Seasonal to Brussels sprouts and PAL、Peas if peas, served with、Will fit with a flavorful porcini mushroom puree.


Meat dishes Pork fillet wrapped with lard

Herald (ITO: lardo) and the、Italy language refers to the fat of the pig。Pork fillet, moist、And finishing the surface Herald。That is also the acidity of the tomato sauce with herbs such as Rosemary and Bay leaves、And I have, without hesitation!


Gelato Terrine with 3 types of chocolate and strawberry

The gelato with fresh Strawberry、Good balance of sweetness and acidity、3 type 3-color chocolate Terrine、Richness and smoothness, it is delicious!



As the honest feedback provided courses to approximately two years Buri、From the time we first opened、Overall taste as yaki-Niku is gently、I feel good feeling is balanced to。And、In this atmosphere of our course content is 2500 Yen price、There are very good! Not too far in the city、Parking is in the back of the store and 9 units provided、At lunchtime we can understand is popular with Madame generation。That is a large shop、We recommend advance bookings so steadily and has become a popular place。The next time、Slowly I hear at night、Let us be fabulous over Yoshida chefs recommend wine Sommelier.

Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku city the sukenobu 10-8 1F TEL:053-443-7915
Hours of operation 11:30-15:00 ( L.O.14:00) 18:00To 22:00 ( L.O.21:00) Closed:Every Tuesday、3rd Wednesday

District Hamamatsu-cho 10-8 letter help

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