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In Fukuroi Araya earlier Ms. of the Italian "Il Centro" is where it was、Italy restaurant newly opened "Anello Anello"Mr.。In those early celebrates one-year anniversary on 2014 / 2 / 20、Now that girls became Italian Anello's popular。Anello, in Italy, meaning "ring, ring" seems to have、Grows rings lead everyone... and thoughts says no, so named。Its not Street、Has space flowered discourse and women's Association.


The shop including counter size of 20 seats in the casual, easy-to-enter atmosphere warm.。Lunch menu, feel free to fish fry set 1500 Yen、Or you can suggest me the day 8 limited edition set 1500 yen and 2 course、Dinner menu and renewed contents、Fit the wine à la carte dishes。Of course、The amount and content of、Although it is possible to provide courses of Chef。It is recommended that are coming from the book。On this day、And then will be unavailable、So did not have time to take lunch、Asking a favor to the owner and chef, 国kunn, pasta's were asked to、Appetizers and pasta helped me out! (Thank you)


"Assorted appetizers'

Carrot Soup、Smoked chicken salad、Bacon and onion quiche。The rich feel the sweetness of the carrot soup、Crispy smoked chicken and salad、Assorted seasonal moist, flaky quiches are good it is!


Light bread with homemade bread black sesame seeds。


Spaghettini Miyagi, squid and Greens with anchovy

The squid with plenty of crunchy and chewy feel is better、Involved in anchovy oil and fresh tomatoes, and seasoned with a。Mizuna with color and refreshing feeling.


"Fish with meat sauce and mozzarella tomato sauce Spaghettini'

Shellfish such as oysters and clams sauce、The flavor base is a source。Melted serve with mozzarella cheese often intertwined。Pasta is fine happy、Since the flavor of the sauce would stand ago、Match the pasta with a little thicker and more familiar taste.。At Sunday lunch is the shop in full, 国unn big struggle! Mr. Anello is currently、So we raise the Hall or kitchen staff、Those who are interested may contact!。Here's where、Restaurant where even next month toward tax hikes from April、Menu configuration, voice changes or price change is I'm。And、Side raise the conflict the better ear、From food are soaring、Raising the consumption tax rate 8%In line with、3%Or not to allow further price increases could not say nothing but。The funny thing、Just whisper a price hike anywhere in、Beef Bowl chain "I like home"The zensho co., Ltd. to operate、As well as beef from the consumption tax hike will start 4/1 to the price of10JPY lower270Circle to now are presented。And progresses by increasing taxes on consumer savings、Is thought to increase the number of visitors in the lower。Big three beef Bowl as well as surfacing prices、Side by side is currently 280 Yen、I like beef Bowl price of the House was 5 years and、In the past the cheapest price。After this announcement、Coming up many praising testimonials from consumers who are、I think it works because it's a big bet and also。In the personal store、But this is not。And for coming from the 10/2015 10% tax hike will also、Is worrying about the problem、Even if their favorite store price and revisions and raised、Ever so、Make the space inviting better than before or now、Better service、The cost of panoply idea also affirmed、By providing better、Will become a major fork in the road "survive" is creating an environment for consumers satisfactory。But、I'm sure even 4 months、Our couples eating out rates unchanged, maintaining the status quo is expected (lol)

Italy dining room Anello-Anello-
Fukuroi-shi Araya 3-8-1 TEL:0538-43-2705 Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation:LUNCH 11:30-13:30( L.O)DINNER 18:00-21:00( L.O )

3-8-1, Araya, Fukuroi city

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