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Santeria mikatahara residential street tucked away like an Italian "Ristorantino Epsilon"Mr.。And the shop and home、But since the place is so unclear that address search on Google Maps might be best。If you explain roughly、Eleven intersection hurts Hamamatsu loop line, was to run to the left、3Turn right at the second street。Is the parking lot and left where it was written "Epsilon entrance" into a telephone pole on the left in the back put 7 or so.、A Western-style beige and House、First floor there will be。At the entrance、The menu is listed small easels。There was a calm on the front black and white containers general housing is、Is wrong and there are many illnesses and so watch out! On this day on Sunday crowded restaurants where the、Epsilon's had better timing to enter the shop!


Shop、Counter 5 seats、Table 14 seats and a moist and dark space。Our chef Yuji Endo is French and Italian experience and independent、Are conducted on his wife and his three-legged race。Now、This is the main and Dolce、I ordered dessert with Cafe 1900 yen.

You can choose from the 3-course lunch。
Stuzzichinos (projection)、Misto (starters assortment)、Zuppa (soup)、1000 yen for pasta。
Appetizers、Pasta、The main content is changed、Dolce and Cafe with a full course with 2 courses for 1900 yen and 2700 yen (reservation required)。


Amuse over foie gras Royale with radish sauce

Rich Royal foie gras more. and mellow in the sauce of daikon radish。Are accented with fried potato slices are crunchy.


"Homemade Walnut bread ' enjoy the sense of taste and gorogoroc large Nutcracker fluffy bread refills are free.


Appetizers "scallops wrapped scabbard with squid ink sauce、Conger eel boiled in Veau rice salad、Put pizza pie potato puree with egg yolk sauce、Along with pork Rillettes, served with garlic toast、Turmeric soup seafood taste clams bubbles over.

Has become a well-balanced assortment plate of five appetizers。This color was Brown.。The other day、During the women's society "but food not to mention the taste、Looks much more important "is just talk。That is elaborate and courteous work only on the、It is a little disappointing。


Pasta "homemade ricotta and spinach 、Homemade ravioli stuffed with minced chicken、PAL in cream sauce.

Since the pasta course offers fresh pasta and noodles、Order both。Chicken clean、That was plainly the impression、-Cheese cream sauce is thick。And the texture of the ravioli was just eyes。


Pasta for "shrimp rage spaghetti" ragu pasta often at stake、Is the firm feel the salty taste。


Main "roasted local wild boar、Blue pepper sauce "

Can choose from meat or fish is the main、I had the wild boar, your order。Please put in the parts of the tenderloin and loin。Since the lighting was firmly、With a little bit more rare are pleased。Just、Well in fascination talk to the chef、Tend to listen and hope most customers want and burning pretty solidly.。This takes is addition and subtraction of choice so can not say.。Garnish with vegetables、Carrot、Brussels sprouts、Turnip、Like Bok Choy。


Dessert "mousse of apricot、Yogurt foam.

Is yogurt foam mouth melt better、Lay beneath the apricot mousse strawberry, sweet and refreshing dessert。


Drink coffee

Endo chef was available after a meal and chat for a while。Story of Hamamatsu Western restaurants or stores be closed flow、Alternation of generations、And the young generation is not hard! Said,。Getting ready are opening new shops, although、I think eating more that one can do a.

Ristorantino Epsilon
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 1854-23 TEL:053-571-5772 Closed on Mondays:Thursday、1-3 Wednesday
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30(L. O.) * dinner upon booking 18.:00-20:30(L.O.)

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata town 1854 -23

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