8Newly opened in January "PIZZERIA EST! Pizzeria EST!"The Naples oven pizza bar


Sakana-Cho Hamamatsu to 1/2013、Beside the Vaal Mabuchi 1F "PIZZERIA EST!Pizzeria EST!' Open!Mercato between abyssAnd I'm getting、Barr MabuchiSan、Bar Mabuchi1FSan、Mariage MARIAGE SAKANAMACHI sakana-ChoMr. to cont.、Sister was also born。And mojitte from the name of the wine shop。The name of the wine "EST!EST!!EST!!!"That white wine。The anecdote is in white wine、The old、You took a trip to the Vatican is a great love of wine、1 men ago you go、Allows the best wines in the villages along the route of the journey。When、Employees affected by the order's Inns have a nice glass of wine to EST! (Meaning 'lies' in Latin) and is marked。And、At the Inn of montefiascone、Wine of the land being greatly impressed by、So do not pass absolutely great who comes after EST!EST!!EST!!!Stressed, it is written。As such anecdotes have wine shop、EST!To use a、There are some the finest wine stores、EST!EST!!EST!!!The meaning to be lovingly EST!It is named.


Shop、1And on the floor and on the second floor、Clean and white walls、Bright blue is impressive。78 seating capacity is、But many small groups are available。1On the floor、Authentic Neapolitan oven can be installed、Demonstrations at next door to pizza is also available。Staff it is children of men and women with relatively young age since、Company's very fresh feeling it!


This is on the second floor seats.。10Image-Halloween, Halloween color 1 color is inside!


This menu is、1,280At 90 minutes of all you can drink wine buffet (11 Red wines、White wine 6、Sparkling wine 1、Beer、Highline Ballroom、Soft drinks 6 kinds)。Time 90 minutes and there are clear、What is the all you can drink beer malt and is Grand!


"Sparkling wine" * 90 minutes all you can drink wine buffet 1,280 Yen

Moisten the dry throat。Provides relatively clutter-free eyes dry CAVA sparkling wine。Even after this、That tried taste little by little red and white、So wasn't a favorite flavor、I have chosen to focus on sparkling wine and beer!


Appetizer 'salad' * appetizer 1 300 yen

2Public: Appetizer Salad。Lettuce with ham, parmesan and olive oil and plenty of。


"Margherita" 900 yen (mozzarella、Basil、With Grana padano)

Tomato、Cheese、Is the strongest combination of Basil。Fabric is thin, is a favorite、Ears are a little thick, firm、A little bit more than I dust and feel I am happy。


'Malt' * 90 minutes all you can drink wine buffet 1,280 Yen

Although entered in the fall of、Still tasty beers.。Malt drink for the staff there.


"Romana" 1000 yen (mozzarella、Capers、Black olive、Anchovy)

Order love anchovies are next in line。In non-pizza menu here、Beef cheek meat red wine Braised 650 Yen、3 months, beef tataki 890 Yen、Pâté de campagne 400 Yen、You can order in a side menu feel rucola e prosciutto 1450 yen and so on。Mabuchi's recently introduced Baker "Mariage sakana-Cho"Is going to continue、It wasn't authentic Neapolitan oven in the town where you can feel free to pizzeria future seems very crowded!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 317-7 TEL:053-413-3800 Open every day
Hours of operation:17:30-11:30、Friday 17.:30-24:00、On Saturdays and days before holidays 17:00-24:00、Sunday 17:00-23:00
(Last order:Hood:Closed 1 hour ago、Drink:Closed 30 minutes before )

317 -7 sakana-Cho Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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