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"Sunflower dining" sign、The iron snail vine and vine



Toyama Central Street exit.、To have life-prolonging jizo statue located in the Itachi River ishikura-machi、Expand the Italian in a nationally recognized young chef has a lot to elsewhere in Italy and Tokyo hozumi Tanaka (38 years old)、Yes made a fortune in his hometown Toyama、2013Was opened in February 5's "Sunflower dining room.。The screw part of the symbol of the slow food snail resembling grape as the vine wine opener is designed for、Sunflower restaurant, iron sign。This sign is、Hozumi's owner/chef、Said to have come from the shop had previously worked、So I sign?。On this day、1So shocked on the night of the day delicious courses for you、2 night consecutive booking on the day of admission in the perfect attendance award is (laughs)


"Non-alcoholic sparkling wine" 1200 Yen

On this day、Because the car is two and received a non-alcoholic sparkling wine。Does not produce alcohol、Using the wine grape with a special process white grapes fermented juice (made in Europe)。Because it has gone through the proper fermentation process、Can be obtained only by fermenting grape juice、Acidity of wine and enjoy an authentic taste and full-bodied。Though、I alcohol min、The area of dissatisfaction is undeniable、Pregnant women and drivers、Those are impossible to consume alcohol、Be happy drinking perhaps!


Bottarga spaghetti 1200 Yen

Surprisingly noodles also enjoy very hozumi chef。On the menu、Both noodles and pasta are available。Even more startled and noodles I dust pasta taste、Of Tuscany。A simple tasting of Bottarga pasta!


Linguini with scampi and Zucchini's 1600 Yen

Decorated with the acidity of the tomato and summer vegetable Zucchini、Linguini with scampi soup moved to the source.。Section width 1 mm、The linguine with diameter 3 mm oval shaped、Enjoy the taste of both regular spaghetti and flat noodles pasta。Surface of the noodles and the rough because you're、Sources are better, deeper tasting involving.


This is hozumi chef.。When pasta is emulsified、Charcoal-grilled meat with hands-on, to check if you are、Combating food attitude、Very serious about itself.。However,、Out over some food and、Is a good balance between pleasing while exchanging jokes talk dialogue developed in Tokyo chef!


' Kumamoto Prefecture from Amakusa plum pork shoulder roast & Iwate short have beef char grilled ' 4200 Yen

This time the、So, last time in horse、To our beef and pork on the menu.。The meat served in chunks if、Not fun in the moment to cut it!


Fine in the shade。Short Horn beef &、"Red mildew." of which breeds improved beef was nicknamed、The other red meat、Is surrounded by deep。Content of amino acids in the lean、It can also be several times higher than beef。Exquisite taste and Merlot with rare beef and baked in charcoal、Trapped all taste、A soft texture and a mellow taste becomes a habit.


The Amakusa plum meat pork (SPF pork)、Safe and tasty pork contain antibiotics and antibacterial agentsAs、And awarded the Minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries、Is brand pork obtained trademark registration and patent。Pigs gave plum、No smell of pork、Become a fine meat、Finished in a very light and delicate taste。The result kept sticking to the Japanese plum、The plum meat pork、Better marbling (FAT Frost) is now entering。Is this fat、Would say the maximum flavor of this pig!



The main char-grilled salad。2Day continued、Our luxurious grilled with gravy is great too。Horse meat、Pig、Whats up with the beef、I personally、Meat was very delicious! Looking forward to go home to Toyama also increased 1.

Sunflower restaurant
Toyama Prefecture Toyama ishikura-machi 1-301 F TEL:076-482-6091
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

1-30 ishikura-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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If you taste the sweet France in Toyama in the Patisserie giraffe pampering
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